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Sports day and school event tuck stall.

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Skribble Tue 08-Feb-05 12:20:44

I started a little buisness last year and I am looking for ways to develop it. At the moment I do stalls at fairs.

Perhaps some of you PTA mums can tell me how you tuck stall is run if you have one at school events and if you would consider someone coming in with a stall and paying a good percentage to the school.

A few friends have suggested this would be popular as no one really wants to be stuck on a stall when they want to see there kids run etc.

marialuisa Tue 08-Feb-05 14:39:54

No sweet stall at Sports Day-school provides fruit and water. They do have one at Fireworks night though, but it's very basic, just coke and penny sweets really and some poor parent/teacher doing the honours.

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 00:03:00

Still not sure if schools will be interested, but they allways seem to struggle to get help to man tuck stall at parties etc. Plus what do they do with stock they don't sell.

Love to hear more ideas TIA.

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 16:57:57

Afternoon all more advice ideas please.


binkie Wed 09-Feb-05 17:06:50

This might be far outside your area, but I was moaning on another thread (here ) about how difficult Christmas shopping can be for full-time workers and a stall like yours at a seasonal fair near my work would be mobbed I think.

iota Wed 09-Feb-05 17:08:28

A lot of schools in my area do summer fetes etc - and might be interested - also christmas 'fayres' My son's school do a Christmas shopping evening where suppliers like booksellers, chocolate, hand made cards etc came along and sold their wares and the school took a commission - I'm sure 'stocking fillers' would have gone down well.

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 17:17:01

Had a look at thread I am based in Scotland.
I did a few Christmas fairs and the pocket money toys and stationery were really really popular with mums and grans stocking up for christmas stockings. The ooze and sticky bugs etc sold really fast I ran out of some things, the kids were nearly fighting over them.

Hoping to get loads more fairs this year but I find it difficult to track them down they tend to be advertised just at the schools or the local shops etc. I can only drive round so many even then it is difficult to get contact numbers etc.

iota Wed 09-Feb-05 17:20:55

why not write to the school secretaries of all the schools in your area - our PTA is always looking for fund-raising ideas. And what about nurseries?

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 17:38:39

I have wrote to and rang lots of schools, It takes forever and they often say they will pass on my details to PTA then I never hear from them.

iota Wed 09-Feb-05 17:55:45

To be honest I wouldn't bother phoning - a eye-catching letter/flyer detailing what you can offer would stand more chance of being passed on to the PTA.

All the suppliers we use seem to come by word of mouth - or somebody knows somebody who has something to offer - if a flyer came into our hands we would check it out.

This is all fresh in my mind as I have, today, been writing confirmation letters to suppliers for a PTA event and have a meeting to go to this eveing

Skribble Wed 09-Feb-05 18:36:13

Thanks Iota I've never been involved in the PTA and its helpful to know how things work. Whats your event, not easter already !

I tried a flyer before christmas offering santa presents and other services, It was just a trial one to a few schools and probably a bit late but as I said it got me 2 fairs for this year.

Considered doing a magnentic ad (business card size) just for novelty value. Vista print do them wonder if people might hang on to them longer than an A5 flyer. Mind PTA types are well orgainised and probably keep it all in a file.

Just dropped DD off at school disco looked sympathetically at PTA mums roped into doing tuck stall, they definatly looked like they would rather a business came in and ran the stall and payed the school a percentage for funds.

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