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Broody, emotional, hormonal...had to fight tears at baby clinic!!!

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cheekymonk Thu 24-Jul-08 12:58:14

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all ok. Have just returned from baby clinic where ds had 3.5 year check. Seeing all the babies just made me so emotional. It seems like a world away when I was stripping ds and lying him on those scales,a nervous wreck worrying about his weight etc and everything else if I remember right...
I just feel a bit sad that that time is gone and wished that I had enjoyed it more instead of worrying/having PND/dh being away so much.
Maybe I am just broody and I know it is so easy to be swayed by looking at babies and to forget the sleepless nights etc.
I would like more but we are struggling alot financially, ds is particularly stroppy and difficult at the moment, I weigh 22 stone (I was similar weight when I had ds but would it be risky to do it again at this weight)dh is in Navy until 2010... there just seems to be so many reasons not to but sometimes like today, in my heart I really like to... Dh would at the drop of a hat. It is me...
Also last time it was an emergency c section under general anasesthetic so would hate another traumatic birth, There are no guarantees either, ds has no health problems so wonder how things would be 2nd time around. I would also love a girl but would be thrilled with boy too...
Ds has not wanted brother or sister but seems a bit more keen now.
Its almost like if I knew we would all be ok, I'd try tomorrow but there are so many ifs and buts and I'm scared if I am honest.
Anyone know what I am going on about??!!

BalloonSlayer Thu 24-Jul-08 13:04:09

Well you could have another caesarean as you have had one already so you don't need to fear the traumatic birth.

You already have lots of baby stuff I expect? So there won't be so much expense as with your first wink

Weight - there are heavier women than you having babies.

aaaah go on. It would be awful to grow old regretting not having another child you wanted.

What about not trying as such but stopping taking precautions to see what happens?

cheekymonk Thu 24-Jul-08 14:08:52

Thanks Balloonslayer, I know. Its not like I have forever to be able to have another like you say!
Yes maybe could come off pill...
Just trying to balance between my head and heart!!!

kerryk Thu 24-Jul-08 17:49:51

cheekymonk i really dont think that there is a huge diffrence going from 1-2. you will already have most of the baby things from the first time around, you will all be able to fit in a normal car and if you had to you could still get away with living in a 2 bedroom house (a lot easier if you have 2 of the same sex though)

my dh is also in the forces (army) and i love having the two little ones around when he is away. they keep me busy and are company for each other when i need to get things done.

it sounds like you are really ready for another one and if you have another one soon the children will be able to grow up together.

cheekymonk Thu 24-Jul-08 19:58:44

Dh back tomorrow so will talk it over with him... Thanks for your thoughs too kerryk...

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