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Playing Outside

(14 Posts)
pedilia Wed 23-Jul-08 20:31:20

DS1 & 2 spend all day playing outside, at the front of the house, in the garden or in neighbours gardens with their DC's

I was quite suprised though to find out just how little time their peers spend playing out. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of days spent playing out building dens,exploring,riding my bike etc

So how much time do your DC's spend outdoors?

sarah293 Wed 23-Jul-08 20:34:24

Message withdrawn

Poppychick Wed 23-Jul-08 21:09:35

Mine are 1.5 and 3.5 so they are only allowed in the back garden but they're out there whenever it's not pouring down.

cafebistro Wed 23-Jul-08 21:15:28

I think parents are frightened of letting their children play out nowadays. My DS (nearly 3) goes out in the garden but only where I can see him out of the kitchen window.

MmeBovary Wed 23-Jul-08 21:20:34

When I was a child we used to wander for miles...these days we have practically bankrupted ourselves to move from an apartment to a housw with a garden. But it has been so worth it. We're in a cul de sac so dd has been out front with kids from next door on their bikes.

Either we watch them or their parents do and dd is often invited round to play /for tea. I have tried to reciprocate if I get the chance...

MuffinMclay Wed 23-Jul-08 21:28:13

Ds1 (2.2) spends almost all day outside, unless it is raining. He starts getting cabin fever if confined indoors. Most of the time he is playing on his own (or with the dog) whilst I watch from the kitchen (have big patio doors that look onto the garden).

pedilia Wed 23-Jul-08 21:31:13

cafe- Why is that though?

Mme- my 2 oldest also play outside the front, we are in a cul-de-sac (1st on the list when house hunting) including my dc's there are 11 children between 7 houses so always a parent to keep an eye.

pootleflump Wed 23-Jul-08 21:54:21

My dd is 3.10 she plays out every day after pre-school until 5.30-6pm although tonight it was 7pm since it was so warm and schools broke up for holidays. We also live in a small village in a cul-de-sac which has a large area which is grassed, has lots of trees and our own private playpark. There are 12 kids in the street who all play together every day.

cafebistro Wed 23-Jul-08 22:16:17

pedilia...parents are just more wary arent they. Why? Well personally I'd be afraid of weirdos taking my child and also because he's on his own he's at greater risk, I think it's safer if a group of children play together. When I was little we always played out and im sure my parents didnt know where i was half the time. I dont know if its more common for children to be abducted today..i dont think it is...its just more publicised.

pedilia Wed 23-Jul-08 22:43:10

cafe- just curious of the reasons really.
If we belive the stats then our children are more likely to be killed/seriously injured in a RTA th abducted, I certainly worry more about my dc's and the road/falling from a tree/trampoline etc than being abducted.
Agree there is always the risk and lone children are more vunreable

notasheep Wed 23-Jul-08 23:50:44

dd and ds play outside unsupervised.
I have no worries about their safety and hope they are growing into strong,confident children.

Also they dont have a game boy, play station,nintendo ds or a wiigrin

pedilia Thu 24-Jul-08 00:20:45

notasheep- not just me thats a mean parent thenwink mine have never shown an interest in consoles even when hey visit friends houses, they would rather be outside.

How old are your dc's?

kid Thu 24-Jul-08 00:24:58

My kids love playing out, I prefer to only let them playout when there are other children already out. I also encourage my kids to stay together for safety reasons.

I feel its important for them to be out, getting fresh air, exercise and socialising rather than sitting in front of the TV or computer which they would probably also enjoy.

notasheep Thu 24-Jul-08 13:10:37

pedilia-dd is 8,ds is 3
Luckily we live in a Terrace of 8 houses,its a no through road so no trafficgrin
I dont think we are mean at all-dd gets to play the odd computer game when i am not on here.wink
DD also walks to her tennis lesson alone-but thats a whole new thread!

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