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Can't decide whether to have another baby

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skydancer1 Wed 23-Jul-08 19:04:31

Ok I'm new on these message boards (why didn't I discover mumsnet before - it's great!) but have written a couple of posts elsewhere. What do the initials 'Ds' stand for?I don't get a lot of these abbreviations. I have a lovely and terrible nearly two year old, am just beginning to see the wood for the trees (shower by myself occasionally, have half my brain back etc.) and His Majesty will be going part-time to nursery as of this September. Now I find myself preoccupied a LOT by whether to have another one. My partner thinks I am mad and we have both suffered enough already grin, can't afford it and numerous other objections...he's a good dad really. It does seem mad from a rational perspective (but since when was desiring children a rational thing?) and at the same time I don't feel complete with one child only, am getting on a bit so I don't know how much longer I'll be fertile. I didn't think I would want more than one child but now...

Anyone in the same boat or been there?

mamablue Wed 23-Jul-08 19:46:04

Hi. Ds stands for Darling son, DD is darling daughter, Dh darling husband, you get the idea. You are right, desiring children is not rational. It is entirely emotional! It does have to be something you both agree on though. Maybe you could agree to think about it for six months and come back to the idea then. This gives both of you a chance to get used to the idea. Although I know it is not easy to be rational when hormones are involved!

skydancer1 Wed 23-Jul-08 21:14:32

Thanks for that mamablue. Now the initials all make sense. And an agreed thinking time about another baby (I nearly wrote 'next baby' - such are the readiness of my hormones wink) sounds sensible. Just hope I can be that sensible smile

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