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HELP! Travel tips for long air journey with a 10 month old

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theressomethingaboutmarie Wed 23-Jul-08 08:19:10

We're off on holiday on Saturday morning with our lovely DD. We're on a 10 hour flight which is going to be interesting. It takes off at 11:25am UK time and lands at 2:30pm local time. Any tips for travelling will be gratefully received...

scotsgirl Wed 23-Jul-08 10:27:46

Lots of snacks and drinks.
Change of clothes.
Change of clothes for you (in case of puking).
Either get the bulkhead seat (more space) or sit at the back where the hum of the engine can be soothing.
New toy/rattle/books to distract with
Familiar toy to sooth
Some people advise that both parents sit apart so that you can do shifts then have a bit of peace (as well as the passengers beside you) but I never tried this - in fact, I was often travelling alone with DS so couldn't.
If you breastfeed, then be prepared to do it on take-off and landing (if the airline wil let you have DC in your lap. It helps a lot with the ear pressure thing.
Get a really good travel pillow for yourself, so you can get some rest when baby is resting ( do brilliant ones)

Can't think of anything else

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