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Please help me find the courage to arrange some get togethers with other moms during holidays

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ghostfreak Tue 22-Jul-08 22:14:14

My problem is that I am so shy and awkward around other people this has affected me my whole life.

My shyness and anxiety has got to me even more since I had my only 7 yo ds, as I am aware he needs company somehow.

Previous holidays I have not arranged things with others and I have always felt miserable for my ds and myself.
I am desperate for us both to have company in the holidays and I did pluck up the courage to get peoples phone numbers at the school today and I mentioned maybe getting together.
Although I did get a favourable response off most people I do know that I will probably have to put things into action.
Please help me find the courage to do this would texting them be okay I would find this easier.
If I don,t do this well it will just be myself and ds day in day out and I can,t bear the thought.
Am I odd for feeling like this.

pinkteddy Tue 22-Jul-08 22:37:12

Yes texting is fine. Just say would be good to meet - are you free next Thursday (or whatever) maybe suggest a couple of alternatives and a place to meet - local park or somewhere. Don't think you are odd for feeling like this, it is hard to talk to people you don't really know especially if you are not the most confident person.

Keep an eye out in the local library or leisure centre for activities in the holidays you could go to with ds - there might be opportunities to meet other mums there too? HTH

Seuss Tue 22-Jul-08 23:02:06

If you are odd then so am I! I reckon texting is a good idea - that way you don't have to read expressions/worry you'll fluff your words etc. Plus it gives them time to consider their response - so you don't end up doing something neither of you wants to do on a day that is rubbish for both you. Good luck. If it's any consolation I used to be really, really shy but now run the toddler group where I used to sit in a corner on my own! I found joining committees quite helpful - I know it's a bit twee but it kind of makes you get out there and talk to people.

Dynamicnanny Wed 23-Jul-08 17:13:39

I always send texts or pop a note through the door of neightbours with simmilar aged children.

Why not:
* meet at the park
* have people over to play in the garden - couple of boxes of toys/rugs and a snack
* see what's going on in the local area and ask if they have seen that/are going and arrange to go together.

Have a great summer.

woodstock3 Thu 24-Jul-08 14:33:34

i text my mummy friends alll the time - tho admittedly ours are toddler, it's easier than trying to have a phone conversation with a small person demanding attention in the background, so it wont seem strange at all. bet the other mums at school are in similar positions, probably dying for an invite out.
where do you live? have you tried looking in mumsnet local - may be someone else around near you who is a MNer, so you're only one small step away from talking to them on here?

overthemill Thu 24-Jul-08 14:37:31

do text them. say 'going to park today at 12. will take picnic. would you like to join us?'

i found it a good idea to go to park at same time a few days running. you see people to smile at and then can strike up a conversation.

try story sessions at library

swimming at openair pool

we are all shy!

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