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This happened this morning and I still feel like crying and can remember how I felt.

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itati Mon 21-Jul-08 17:43:45

We were all walking to school this morning, 3 kids, 7, 4 and 3, me and another lady and her daughter. All chatting. DD and DS2 decide to walk through the other side as they often do. After a few minutes I realise they haven't got to where I am. Can't see them. Send DS1 to look where they are. I am shouting DD's name and on the 3rd call with no answer I really start to panic as I know she would have answered me. I was convinced someone had them. I shout DS2's name and thank goodness a lady shouts back that she has them. She saw they were alone, asked where Mummy was and they followed her. I have never been so pleased to see them in all my life. They had doubled back to find me.

I held their hands the whole way to school and when I got there I went in to shock about what could have happened, and what I thought had happened, my legs were shaky for nearly 2 hours after and I was very teary.

Thank goodness they finish school tomorrow.

I was so proud that DD stayed with DS2.

Ripeberry Mon 21-Jul-08 17:57:41

Very sensible kids, glad it's all ok now.
Reminds me of when i was little, me and a boy i used to like to play with were on a school trip when we were 7yrs old and at one point we were walking in a very big forest and we kept going ahead of the group.
Eventually, we got too far away and got TOTALLY lost in the wood and we managed to find a path and saw a man by his car and we actually asked him to drive us back home!
This was in the 1970's so quite innocent.
He of course said no and pointed us to a bus stop, so we huddled in the bus stop for an hour or so and then the teacher found us and we had a right telling off i can tell you, almost gave our teacher a heart attack wink

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