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Here I go again!

(4 Posts)
ChocolateMouse Sun 20-Jul-08 01:07:14

DS is 5.5 months old and I have noticed in the past week or so that his motor-skills have been improving fast. Its great to see that when he brings objects to his mouth he nearly always gets it right first time round smile

Well today I felt especially proud. I picked him up out of his bouncy chair ready for his bedtime feed when he slowly, deliberately and gently outstretched his right hand to arms' length to grab hold of Mummy's curl of hair that he could see which was draping behind her ear. When he had got a hold of it, he then gently swirled it in his hand. I'm not sure if this sounds crazy but I was moved to tears over it - I felt so proud and quite emotional. It felt so lovely to be noticed, or my hair anyway smile, by DS.

Ah, here I go again - getting emotional over DS' achievements; what am I like?? grin

Just felt like sharing.

lyndseyann Sun 20-Jul-08 08:58:51

i never realised what i big sop i was until my ds was born things that may seem unimportant 2 other people make me cry all the time! I love it when my ds reaches out 2 touch my face it melts my heart

Kbear Sun 20-Jul-08 09:06:24

That's so lovely. You really treasure these moments. Write a diary with them all in or you will soon forget. My DD is 9 and her diary has lots of lovely/funny moments noted in it and I love to read it back and remember how she was when she was little!

Sentimental fool kbear!

ChocolateMouse Sun 20-Jul-08 12:41:08

lyndseyann - I can totally relate to these events melting your heart smile. If we're sops, we don't care because we love it don't we? grin

Kbear - Thank you for saying that it's so lovely - it certainly felt that way for me and I fee like I have treasured that moment so many times in my mind since yesterday that I hope to not ware the memory down! You know, I haven't been keeping a diary as such but I have been writing down events that make me happy/sad and have been addressing them to DS so that he can read them sometime in the future. Your DD is very lucky to have a Mummy who has kept a diary of all these special events and I admire you for that. It must be so lovely to read back over them smile.

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