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4 Year old scared of dogs.

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par Fri 18-Jul-08 17:02:16

My 4 year old DS is very scared of dogs when he was 2 he was jumped on by an alsation. Since then he has been scared but recently it has got worse. when were out even if he sees a little dog he starts screaming and wants me to pick him up.

I do not want him to go through life being scared of dogs.

I'm not sure what I can do to get him over his fear.

I'm not too keen on dogs myself so that doesnt help either.

Any advice welcome.

iMum Fri 18-Jul-08 17:09:31

Well, I look after a liite girl who was terrified of dogs, I ahve a very placid retriever and she is now (after about 6 months) very happy in his company, it took a long time and lots of very little steps but now she really is ok around him.
Find a friend with a nice friendly dog and keep exposing your ds to it in very safe and secure and calm circs, eventually he may become less afraid-but you can watch and judge on that for yourself.

lizinthesticks Fri 18-Jul-08 19:02:36

Get a King Charles spaniel.

Not really. But they are lovely. If I could be bothered with the walking thing, and wasn't hung up about the hygiene angle I'd get one tomorrow.

woodstock3 Sat 19-Jul-08 17:46:11

we have a very gentle lab but my nephew was originally scared of it.
is there anyone you know with a nice, friendly, calm dog that doesn't jump up and down and slobber and is preferably very old and half asleep?
if so, start gently trying to introduce them, over a period of weeks. start by talking about the dog and how nice it is and maybe look at a photo of it.
then let him watch it from quite a long way away but dont try and make him touch it.
when he's ok with that, get him to approach the dog quite close. when that's ok try patting it. when that's ok, try playing with it (throw it a ball, etc - it often helps that the child is in control of the dog, ie you throw a stick and it goes to get it and bring it back).
once he's ok with this dog you can try explaining that some dogs are nice like this dog and some dogs aren't and so never go up to a dog in the park unless you've asked permission first because it might not be a nice dog.
btw to make this work you will probably have to get over (r at least learn to ruthlessly conceal!) your fear of dogs or he will pick up from you that there is something to be scared of.
good luck.

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