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What to do- 19 months no longer likes cot?

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Jzee Sun 06-Feb-05 12:32:33

Not sure what to do.. my 19 month old has always slept well in his cot in his own room until now. For the past week he hasn't been well so I had him sleeping in my bed, or on the sofa during the day and now I'm finding impossible for him to go back to his cot. Last night he refused his cot, so I put him in his travel cot in our room, but then he ended up in our bed and even then he didn't want the light turned off. Do I just let him cry until we go back to the way things were? I'm also thinking of geting him a single bed, but that will take time.

karen01 Tue 08-Feb-05 14:21:19

Jzee, I would say get him a single bed. My DD was in a single bed by the time she was 14months. My friend was having the same probs as you with her 14month old DS he now sleeps on a matteress on the floor, he loves it.


sievehead Tue 08-Feb-05 14:40:26

My DD has done this recently too. I think she got used to coming into our bed for a few nights when she was poorly. I'm not prepared to give up yet, and after a week of being firm with her and putting her back into her cot, she has settled again in it. Lots of determination needed tho!

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