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dreading the holidays - 5yrs & 2yrs - can't play together, won't play apart...

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flirtygerty Fri 18-Jul-08 08:05:41

On their own, they're both great. But if I set the older one up with something the younger one trashes it. If I set the younger one up the older one just attention seeks all the time. Can't really ration them to 30 minutes with me each or whatever as neither have any concept of time.

Can't face a summer of referee-ing, & can't be constantly out of the house, so how do you cope?!

AbbeyA Fri 18-Jul-08 08:10:18

How old are they and which sex?

hockeypuck Fri 18-Jul-08 08:14:51

Was about to type this myself. I have DD 5 and DS 2, and I have already resorted to shouting at them, 1 1/2 hours in to the first day of the school holidays.

Coping strategies needed too!

flirtygerty Fri 18-Jul-08 08:18:12

5 yr old - boy - finishing preschool.
2yr old - non talking girl.
we go to soft play once a wekk - great, library once a wekk - great, and out for a walk every afternoon but that stillleaves an awful lot of time to fill. no real frinds to ask on playdates to dilute things!
have to do preschool run now - back later.

AbbeyA Fri 18-Jul-08 08:39:17

A bit tricky, I was luckier because I had 2 boys, 20 months apart and they were quite good at playing together. I should try and aim to get them to see each other as playmates rather than doing things separately. It is a bit cold at the moment but water play in the garden is good for doing things at their own level. Have you got a sandpit? Things where you give them both a job. Baking-rolling pastry and jam tarts. Playdough. Try and get the older one on your side and if you give the little one attention give him a task first something with a construction toy. Get them to make a den under the table with a big sheet-take toys in, cushions etc.
Has he got any friends at preschool that you could ask round to play? Do you know anyone starting school with him where you could ask the child and parent round for coffee? Often they would be pleased to be asked but noone issues an invitation to start with.

Fennel Fri 18-Jul-08 13:06:51

Can you organise friends to come round and play with the 5yo (and him go round to their houses too?) My sister has two chilldren this age, who don't really play much together. Her 5yo spends most of time either at our house or friends' houses, or having one of my children or a friend back. It keeps everyone happy.

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