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Lost my little boy today...only for twenty mins...but..

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israel Sat 05-Feb-05 19:45:21

In a second he was gone.
First he was beside me in the shop...the next second I went to speak to him and he was gone.
I was frantic...searched the shop...outside and in elder daughter too was helping...also asked the staff....nothing...and we were in a new country in a big shopping mall.
We searched the whole this stage I couldnt even tell people what he was wearing...I was just so frantic and upset.
Then after about 20 mins a lady appeared with him....he had been trying to cross a very busy road....trying to find our car again....this lady had spotted him and brought him back to the mall....he is 4...and I think he was in shock...he just couldnt speak.
Thank god for that lady....
I have never experienced that, or anything like it before and am still upset by was an awful feeling.
He is safely tucked up in bed now...but I am unable to sleep.

nikcola Sat 05-Feb-05 19:46:08

omg how horrible glad he is safe xxxxxx he sounds a clever boy xxxx

Roobie Sat 05-Feb-05 19:47:03

20 minutes is a hell of a long time..... you poor thing, I can just imagine how you were feeling!

onlineid Sat 05-Feb-05 19:48:47

Message withdrawn

Amanda3266 Sat 05-Feb-05 19:49:45

Oh hun - I really feel for you. They are just so quick aren't they? Last year my DS (then 18 months) got out the back door (I didn't even realise he could open it) and was down the garden before I realised. A man bought him back from the side of the road
Don't beat yourself up about it. It could have been awful BUT it wasn't. He's safe and sound asleep. Get yourself a glass of wine and take a few deep breaths. He's fine and he'll probably never be allowed out of your sight again. Don't blame yourself. These things happen.


israel Sat 05-Feb-05 19:50:54

...yes those twenty mins...seemed an eternity.
I just ran around like a headless chicken...backwards and forwards looking and running and calling his name.....the utter feeling of panick was tremendous.

Twiglett Sat 05-Feb-05 19:51:31

my worst nightmare, how horrible for you

hope you can manage to relax

remember he's safe in bed, it was a horrible moment but its over OVER

Roobie Sat 05-Feb-05 19:52:57

I get a surge of panic when 2 year old dd vanishes from sight in M&S for 10 seconds - I'm just thinking of that feeling magnified 100+ plus!
My friend lost her 18 month old ds in Curry's for 4 minutes - he had dived into the lift and taken a ride up to the top floor!

stupidgirl Sat 05-Feb-05 19:53:55

I think we can probably all imagine how you were feeling, it's awful isn't it? So glad you found him safely. Comfort yourself with the fact that he will probably get over it more quickly than you. Try not to beat yourself up about it.

israel Sat 05-Feb-05 20:04:01

yes he is safe and well and fast asleep.
I should get myself a glass of wine and try and get some sleep as well.

israel Sat 05-Feb-05 20:05:32 the way...its 5 past 4 in the morning Im not going to bed early!!

beansontoast Sat 05-Feb-05 20:06:46

you poor thing,you must be well shaken up.sleep well.

Lonelymum Sat 05-Feb-05 20:09:23

Poor you. This happened to us with ds1 once in a busy post Christmas shopping mall in Milton Keynes. He was only 2 and a half at the time. It is awful isn't it? 20 minutes you will never forget.

Grommit Sat 05-Feb-05 20:13:14

How terrible! This is every parent's worst nightmare. It is so easy to lose sight of them for just a second. I am glad he is ok but you must be still recovering from the shock!

nightowl Sat 05-Feb-05 20:30:00

i lost my son too when he was about the same age. we were on holiday in an arcade at the fair. he had been playing on a game with my then partner and partner had come to ask me something, ds went back off with him. partner came up to me and suddenly asked where ds was, i replied that he had gone back off with him. i dont think i have ever felt so bad. all i could think in that moment was "oh my god, we're in the middle of a fair...he could be anywhere by now, with anyone". i was hysterical, shouting his name at the top of my voice and running around in circles. luckily all he'd done was sit in one of those enclosed car driving games just next to where my partner had been standing. i'll never forget it though. poor dp got the sharp end of my tongue (and it wasnt really his fault!)i really do know how you felt. he is safe now, nothing bad happened so all is well. dont keep going over it in your mind, it does happen. they're fast when they want to be. hugs.

Yurtgirl Sat 05-Feb-05 20:39:30

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sat 05-Feb-05 21:59:49

You poor thing. Nightmare. I lost DD once (she was just over a year and half or so) in a shop's cafe. Only for a couple of minutes but it was the longest period of my life ever.

Try hard to relax; maybe have a drink for your nerves.


charleypops Sat 05-Feb-05 22:06:15

God, how awful - 20 mins is a hell of long time. Maybe you could get one of those harness or wrist strap things to give yourself a bit of piece of mind?

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