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eeek tell me how to handle this

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cheeryface Wed 16-Jul-08 22:18:40

have just disvovered that ds2 (9) has been searching on the computer for naked ladies and ladies having sex and stuff.

he is really quite immature for 9 (or so i thought) and hasn't asked me anything about sex up to now.
i was thinking about having a word with him but haven't as yet.

i am very surprised by this shock

lazarou Wed 16-Jul-08 22:20:16

Well, you see in the olden days it used to be finding porno mags in plastic bags in ditches, but now you don't even have to leave the house.
Have you got some parental control locks on the puter? Do they exist?

Lemontart Wed 16-Jul-08 22:21:56

As well as having a word, can I recommend you sort out your PC and internet child blocking software?

TheProvincialLady Wed 16-Jul-08 22:22:56

Definitely get parental controls on your pc and either you or his dad need to have a word about the problems of looking up this sort of thing on the internet - unsettling images, abuse etc. Maybe this is your cue to have that conversation now?

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