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teething ring advice

(3 Posts)
fatnhap Sat 05-Feb-05 10:32:53


anyone got any good advice on what works best (wooden rings or silicone ones etc.) and where to get a good one from? rubbish with only one choice available and it's a fancy butterfly with a chewy bit on the end! bMy DD eating her hands and dribbling everywhere but can't hold an object in her hands yet (16 weeks actual age, 10 weeks developmental age, was a preemie!)Massaging her gums helps but thinking should get a teething ring ... or not???

Laylasmum Sat 05-Feb-05 10:40:19

i got some good teething rings from mothercare they came in a pack of 2 they were all plastic with water in a you chill them in the fridge. they could also be sterilised with cold water dd loved them.

PrincessFiona Sat 05-Feb-05 10:44:50

We had those with the cold water that you kept in the fridge but don't remember filling them up.

I have also got a rubber/plastic hand and foot that are successful for chewing but more for when they are older IYSWIM

Good Luck

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