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can i put a nine month old in the car seat that my five year old uses?

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stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 00:52:24

its not just a booster, it has a back with side impact protection as well. obviously he cant lie back and go to sleep in it, but, i think he will be ok in it.
anyone have any advice please.

Guineveregotknockedup Tue 15-Jul-08 00:55:48

Go by the weights. They are there to tell you what size child can go in it. He may need to lie back at this age when he's asleep because it could block his airway if his chin is on his chest.

stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 00:59:11

ph god, didnt think of that.
nephew coming from abroad, and we are then going on a long car trip. so i guess i need to get him the younger car seat then.

Angelinagotmegaknockedup Tue 15-Jul-08 01:02:01

I'm having a bit of a name change tonight. Sorry.

Check the weight of the baby and the minimum age for the car seat. You might be able to get away with it if he's able to support his airway if he sleeps lying up.

S1ur Tue 15-Jul-08 01:04:31

May possibly bne worth checking around. You might be able to hire one from council or borrow from friend.

stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 01:14:28

thank you mnetters.
i think i will ask around if anyone has anything they can lend me. i wont put him in the dd's car seat.

Angelinagotknockedup Tue 15-Jul-08 01:16:08

smile Thankyou. I know of 4 SID's that have been because parents have put very little ones in buggies where they can't lie back. (newborns) It's very sad.

stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 01:19:37

shock that is horrible......
ds1 was in a buggy where he was sort of tilted ever so slightly at an angle. with ds2, i insisted on a new buggy so he could lie flat, but thank god i didnt know anything about this, sad

Angelinagotknockedup Tue 15-Jul-08 01:21:44

I sit and read parents on here talk about which buggy to buy, I do gently hint at not getting one of these. It fills me with dread though.
All were very young parents. sad

S1ur Tue 15-Jul-08 01:24:34

On here I wouldn't gently hint. It is annoymous and you'll get no better opportunity to tell them straight.

It is dangerous.

Next time tell them, worst that can happen is they think your pushy and obnoxious but they'll probably still remember.

Angelinagotknockedup Tue 15-Jul-08 01:28:58

I tell them I used to work in a hospital and have been told of a few infants who have been brought in because they have had problems in a buggy like this. I should tell them the babies had all had SIDS. I just don't think it's my place to scare the crap out of new parents. I do worry when I read threads about sick kids (take them to the bloody GP) or women who's baby's movements have slowed and they can't feel them move any more. I don't know why they want advice. They should just get to the hospital. I get a bit sick of saying 'you should get this checked'.

stitch Tue 15-Jul-08 01:29:46

agree with slur.#
on mn, gentle hints dont always work, and because it is anonymous, you dont need to be gentle the way you would in rl.

Angelinagotknockedup Tue 15-Jul-08 01:32:25

I really wouldn't want to say 'get to the hospital now incase your baby dies'. I don't think tis would go down too well.

Superchilled Tue 15-Jul-08 16:11:22

Hi guys,

Can you provide evidence of the link between buggies that don't allow babies to lie totally flat and SIDS (since many buggies that are sold as suitable from birth don't allow total flat sleeping) since I've not seen any and have one of these buggies. Just want to be clear that I've been sold something that is potentially dangerous before I blast a rocket in the manufacturers direction. Also, my Maxicosi cabrio doesn't allow total flat sleeping in the car and baby has chin on chest - does this mean I'm also using an unsuitable carseat (its sold as from birth to 6 months)?


namechange3 Tue 15-Jul-08 16:18:32

The car seat that you are using is designed so that when the child is in it, the head neck and spine are in a position to be protected in the event of a car accident. Recommendations are that babies should spent no more than 2 hours approx at a time in them because of the lack of muscle tone in a small infant. Plus it is suitable for children who weigh up to 13kg/ 29lbs weight (which is usually given an age indication of between 12 and 15 months). Car seats shuld never be purchased on age recommendations alone but by weight as the deciding factor.
Out of interest, which pushchair do you have?

Superchilled Tue 15-Jul-08 16:24:02

Its a Maclaren Techno XT - she lies almost flat but not totally - on a slant, which means that her chin lolls forward onto her chest when asleep.

misdee Tue 15-Jul-08 16:26:44

maclaren techno is fine IMO. its one of the flattest strollers out there.

but have seen newborns in strollers like the mothercare jive.

or being carted around all day in a car seat.

chloemegjess Tue 15-Jul-08 16:27:40

I am a bit worried now! My DD is 6moths now and has a McLauren buggy, that is meant to be suitable from 3months. It doesnt lie flat. My DD hated her pram and loves her buggy as she can sit and watch where she is going etc. Is this bad? I didnt use it till 4months, and only really using often from the last week or so. My dd can climb out her pram, so it is on its way to the loft hmm

namechange3 Tue 15-Jul-08 16:31:32

That's fine- the angle is consideratley less than the angle in a car seat. Is her head on the head pad?

misdee Tue 15-Jul-08 16:32:52

maybe look at a head hugger as well smile

the quest is fine for 3months+, i would keep it reclined though, and add a toy to hang from the hood.

namechange3 Tue 15-Jul-08 16:35:04

Chloe, don't panic. The Quest is fine for her. The damage is done when what misdee says happens. I've seen 6 week olds in single position buggies and newborn in car seats for hours- not even being taken out for feeds, mum or dad feeding them as they walk around the town centre.
That's where the problems occur. Hours and hours crunched into a single position.

Superchilled Tue 15-Jul-08 18:17:19

I'll stop panicking then - phew!

swallowsandamazons Tue 15-Jul-08 20:22:24

back to the car seat babies should not go forward in the car until they are one year old and (not or) 20lbs, much longer if you can, as long as they fit in their first seat. please dont use your other seat, see if you can borrow a 0+ from someone. See

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