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7-year olds row - what do I do next?

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Blu Sun 13-Jul-08 21:46:52

if anything.

It was DS's party today and we had a v small group for a small Dr Who party.

Suddenly a hug row erupted between 2 boys: A very upset and accusing B of having broken his sonic screwdriver. B furious and shouting, the whole thing very high octane. DP separated them, we settled them down in separate rooms, during which A said that B had thrown the screwdriver at him and hurt him. I asked B to apologise to A. B vdid, albeit ery very reluctantly and with a hard-done-by attitude, but they got on with the party. There has been 'previous' between these two, and B is often implicated in / in trouble for pushing, thumping etc.

Later, the adults presnt deduced that in fact the true instigator was prbably another boy altogether - C - who had asked someone else to mend his / a screwdriver, and then when it couldn't be mended, said 'oh I think this is A's screwdriver, anyway'. And when DP compared noted on the screwdriver a was upset about, and the one C had asked another adult t mend, the damage was identical..So it seems he swapped the screwdrivers (was seen by yet another adult with both in his hands), B may have been innocently playing with it, and got blamed for breaking it.

Should we let B know we know he didn't break it?
Should we tell C we think he may have swapped?
Should we tell parents of A (who are very wary of B because of 'previous') that B was in fact innocently - except for having thrown it whenwrongly accused?
Should we do nothing?

DS now knows that C had a screwdriver with the same damage that A was upset about, and may well say so at school whe it invitably gets discussed. So, should we let them sort it out amongst themselves?

jammi Mon 14-Jul-08 09:45:05

Message withdrawn

Blu Mon 14-Jul-08 16:41:07

Well, we're not sure which child was wronged and to what extent.

An i won' apologise to the child who threw he screwdriver, because he shouldn't have done that anyway,under an circumstances...sorry, I don't agree with you, if i'm looking after children and one throws an object a another, I will deal with it firmly but politely and gently. I only asked him to apologise - he didn't deny throwing it at the other child, just breaking it.
Anyway, they are al friendly enough today..I will watch child C for sneaky moves when he plays here again - he has been known to smuggle biscuits out of the kitchen when he thinks I'm not looking!

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