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DD is brat from hell after a carton of RIBENA???

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Poppychick Sat 12-Jul-08 17:35:30

DD just came back from outing with in-laws. They told me she'd had Ribena Strawberry. I never allow those drinks as they're soo soo sweet and I assume they have additives etc.

Anyway she has been a total pain since - very loud, stropping running around, screeching .... nightmare.

Is it the Ribena or is she just tired do you reckon#?

MrsBadger Sat 12-Jul-08 17:41:35

if it was the normal strawberry it might just be the sugar
if it was 'Really Light' one, that has aspartame etc in

Miggsie Sat 12-Jul-08 17:41:42

mine is the same after those crystallised jelly fruit things

Poppychick Sat 12-Jul-08 17:43:57

Eurgh she's horrid! Think it was normal as she'd have said "but it was the low sugar one thinking she was doing the right thing".

What can you say though they took them out for 2 hours so I could get stuff done but really I am annoyed and nearly died when she said she'd had it.

posieflump Sat 12-Jul-08 17:48:13

Ribena has never done that to my two I have to say
Are you sure she's nt just overtired after being taken out for her grandparents?

Poppychick Sat 12-Jul-08 18:23:33

Yes it could be but as she's not had R before I just wondered if it would be that!

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 18:28:14

my dd1 goes loopy off a lot of things but ribena is not one of them

objectivity Sat 12-Jul-08 18:32:19

Ribena, Ribena,
Like drinking toilet cleaner
Except with loads of suuuuuugar and other poisons too

You won't believe this
But it's true
There's fruit in there
But you don't care
Cos in Your mind it's total shite
But that's alright
Cos when you're child is up all night...
You can blame it Ribena

Skribble Sat 12-Jul-08 18:33:16

MIne can eat and drink all sorts of sugary and colour filled things with out getting too out of hand but there is a certain brand of jelly tot type things that sends them completly bonkers.

lisa34 Sat 12-Jul-08 18:43:42

My two ds go all hyper if they drink fanta orange!!!

Miggsie Sat 12-Jul-08 18:48:32

a friend's child was nearly expelled from school as he was violent and head butting the other children, then a very clued up dinner lady noticed he was only like that after those tinned mushy pea things.
Turns out he was sensitive to the addative. Once he stopped eating these he was fine.
Give him a boiled sweet loaded with E numbers and within 4 seconds he is wacking is head on the walls.
Yes, they can be sensitive to additives.
See "E is for Addatives", very good book.

My neice goes loopy after Dr Pepper

EustaciaVye Sat 12-Jul-08 18:50:32

Miggsie - how reassuring that one of the dinner ladies took time to notice and act on that....

Mine are loopy atm through overtiredness hmm

Desiderata Sat 12-Jul-08 18:55:00

It's possible she's had to be good because her grandparents have been looking after her, and now she's taking it out on you.

My ds is always a pita when he comes back from his nan's. She says 'Oh, he's always an angel with me.'

Yes, and I was always an 'angel' with my nan, but my mum got full barrels blazing whenever I got back!

Miggsie Sat 12-Jul-08 18:55:31 the name! One of my fave books...
Yes, my DD is totally hyper as loving uncle bought her some new software, and she has been at it for ages and now overtired.

Can I shoot my computer into small parts and turf small child onto Egdon Heath to calm down?

Jelly tots! They should be banned!!! Child bait. Strangely, Haribo crap has no effect on her.

Desiderata Sat 12-Jul-08 18:59:26

The only thing my ds has ever reacted to is pure apple juice. He was bouncing off the bloody walls.

I'm going to have to talk him out of cider when his drinking days come along.

EustaciaVye Sat 12-Jul-08 20:59:59

[Grin] Miggsie

Haribo for my DDs. Takes about 6 seconds to hit them...

ChaCha Sat 12-Jul-08 21:42:48

I have worn the full veil when shopping in an extremely male dominated souk in the Middle East. It was great! I haggled, shopped, chatted comfortably without feeling intimidated, stared at, 'chatted up' etc.. felt v.carefree and really enjoyed it. There are parts of the world where the general headscarf (hijab) is not seen as a statement of one's piety but rather a fashion accessory that is the icing on the cake complimenting full make up, tight top/jeans, high heels etc.. Hope that makes sense.

Also if i wore a niqab (which i wouldn't) for whatever reason I doubt that i'd be interested in shopping malls and drinking coffee - I mean how do you drink a coffee and 'relax' while in a full face veil - a lot of women i know who do choose to veil in this way are not the type of women you'd find sipping lattes in high street coffee shops or window shopping in local mall. They would probably only be out in a group anyway, preferably a male relative too.

ChaCha Sat 12-Jul-08 21:44:41

LOL, sorry folks, had two windows open at once...meant for the philosophy/religion thread. Pls ignore. smile

Poppychick Sun 13-Jul-08 11:27:52

Thought I was losing the plot then ChaCha!!! grin

NumberJill Sun 13-Jul-08 11:31:41

Mine is hideous after Vimto, which ccontains and unbelievable amount of crap - honestly, they are better off with fruit shoots than vimto!

Poppychick Sun 13-Jul-08 11:32:31

Mine usually have very weak Rocks organic cordial. Contains sugar but no shit! (well as far as I can see).

DeeRiguer Sun 13-Jul-08 11:41:19

lol cha cha
and the ribena song

ds had mini magnums and they really send him nuts, that was a bad bofog not again

do water and milk mainly fruit juice..cant bear these drinks personally, for portable choc soya milk is nice

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