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Summer holidays soon aprouching

(2 Posts)
2manykidsNobraincells Thu 10-Jul-08 18:19:51

Any ideas for keeping the ds,dd's and dsd's happy and keeping me sane through this year hols as i'm not sure i'm gonna be able 2 get throught it. I'm so tired already with 2/3dd at home when 1dd and ds are at school and trying to do the housework to keep dp happy. I don't no when i get time to sleep. I've got matchsticks keeping my eyes open

nannyL Thu 10-Jul-08 18:35:11


in 21 hours it will be sumemr hlidays for me and my charge

I only have 3 days left free in the whole summer holidays.

As for sleeep for you.... how about going to the library and leting them choose a DVD and then they can watcg and you can have a rest on the sofa?

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