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wheredohairbandsgo Thu 10-Jul-08 12:42:22

At what age did you let your children walk to school on their own?

My dd7 wants to walk to school with her two friends ( sisters aged 7 and 9). We only live about 8 minutes from school gates. They need to cross one fairly busy road, which has a pedestrian crossing.

The sisters arrived at our doorstep this morning and asked if dd wanted to come with them. She was very excited and so I let her, but followed them there hmm

I've already talked to her about traffic dangers, try and always get her to look both ways when crossing, stranger danger etc. But sometimes she seems so 'young' and not sure if she takes on board what I am saying.

We live in London btw. Any advice appreciated!

BasementBear Thu 10-Jul-08 12:56:42

It depends where you live and how sensible you consider your DD to be I think. If she is with an older one, and if there are others going the same way too I would probably say ok. Having said that, we live in central London, about a 15 minute walk from school, lots of roads to cross (not all with traffic lights) and we have to go past a busy train station so I would not be happy for my children to walk by themselves (the cyclists jumping red lights are more of a danger than the cars angry).

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