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July G8 summit, are your kids getting ID cards

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mamadadawahwah Thu 27-Jan-05 23:49:26

Anybody here in Tony's riding this summer who have to get their kids i.d. cards to come and go?
Its outrageous.

Mummyloves Thu 27-Jan-05 23:50:28

Ooh, bit ignorant about this, can you tell me more?

mamadadawahwah Thu 27-Jan-05 23:55:16

Yeah, its in Gleneagles on July 6. they want to make all kids over the age of 8 carry I.d. cards until its over. Thus if your 8 year old forgets or loses his card, he wont be able to get home from school unless they can find his parent. Can you imagine the hassle about 16 year olds wanting to go out with their mates?
Its preposterous.

Linnet Thu 27-Jan-05 23:58:30

Is this a nationwide thing about the ID cards Mamadadawahwah? or just in the area around Gleneagles? Gleneagles isn't far from where I live and I haven't heard anything about this.

mamadadawahwah Fri 28-Jan-05 00:00:11

No, well you wouldnt would you. It hit the news about 6-8 weeks ago. There was an uproar and then nothing. dont know if they are really going to do it now. I assume all parents in the area bitched to high heaven about it. Tony is in enough hot water already with the election coming up and all negativity is to be white washed. But believe me it was true. Even saw it on News at 10!

mamadadawahwah Fri 28-Jan-05 00:01:58

from the 28 December 2004

Residents to Get Id Cards Ahead of G8 Summit

By Paul O’Hare, Scottish Press Association

Children as young as eight living near Gleneagles will be issued with identity cards as part of a massive security operation ahead of next year’s G8 summit, it emerged today.
blah blah blah

Linnet Fri 28-Jan-05 00:02:17

The schools in Scotland, sorry don't know if you are in Scotland or not, finish in June. But I can understand what you're saying about kids wanting to be out with their friends.

My dd doesn't turn 8 until August so it wouldn't really affect her anyway.

mamadadawahwah Fri 28-Jan-05 00:03:14

Its thought as many as 500 residents of Auchterarder, will have to carry i.d. cards including kids

Linnet Fri 28-Jan-05 00:04:06

oh I do remember a vague recollection of that being mentioned in our local paper but we're not that close to Gleneagles that it would affect us personally. which is probably why I read about it then promptly forgot about it.

JulieF Wed 02-Feb-05 01:02:06

How strange. I worked at the venue that held the 1998 G8 summit and we all had to be security cleared but certainly no-one else did. It was in the middle of the increased Real IRA bomb threats too.

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