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Have your children ever caught anything in the hospital?

(12 Posts)
mamadadawahwah Wed 26-Jan-05 20:49:06

After a bad case of croup, took my child to hospital as he couldnt breathe very well. Two days later he came down with mumps. Lovely. I knew I should have kept him at home. This ever happen to anyone else?

Wondermom Mon 31-Jan-05 19:16:27

My Dad died after contracting the 'super-bug' at a Surry hospital 2 years ago. He'd gone in for surgery for cancer but it was the bug that killed him. I am now completely paranoid about taking my children anywhere near a hospital!!

LIZS Mon 31-Jan-05 19:19:58

Thought incubation period was 2 - 3 weeks ?

Slinky Mon 31-Jan-05 19:54:16

My nan was rushed into Oldchurch Hospital when she suffered from a brain haemorragh. She made a remarkable recovery from that but picked up MRSA whilst there.

Slinky Mon 31-Jan-05 19:56:44

Liz, yes you're right. Mumps has the longest Incubation period - anything up to 3 weeks!

Furball Mon 31-Jan-05 20:12:06

Slinky - I too am a brain haemorrhage survivor, thankfully I didn't get MRSA though.

Slinky Mon 31-Jan-05 20:15:18

Excellent Furball! It was very scary at the time - not sure which way she would go

Sadly, my aunt was not so lucky and she died from hers last weekend

SenoraPostrophe Mon 31-Jan-05 20:43:21

Dd picked up a nasty case of gastroenteritis while in for mastoiditis.

I was absolutely livid: I know cross contamination happens in hospitals, but they put her in a room next to a girl who had been admitted due to gastroenteritis and didn't tell us. Dd was sharing toys etc and frankly, they might as well have injected her with the bug. No attempt whatsoever was made to isolate either this other girl, or dd when she had it and there were no adult hand washing facilities on the same floor.

Rant rant rant.

MRSA isn't in the news here, but I would be astounded if it's not a problem in Spain too. Next time the doc tells us to go to the hospital, we'll be on the first flight home (due to this and other reasons as well. it's a long story).

Furball Mon 31-Jan-05 21:09:37


Wondermom Mon 31-Jan-05 23:42:29

Just off to bed but I'll just tell you this story before I go... When I was in a hospital in Cheshire, following surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy, I was HORRIFIED at some of the stuff I saw!! On my 2nd day in there, I found out that the girl who had my bed before me had been in due to REALLY bad sickness. There was sick all over the frame of my bed!!!! THEN, following surgery, they needed to check my urine, so gave me a carboard 'potty' and a pen and told me to leave my wee on the floor in the toilet cubical and to write my name on the potty - There was only one toilet within hobbling distance, so all the girls were using the same one. There were 4 other full, open 'potties' in there and I know it's gross but all had lost a lot of blood following Gynae ops. When I went back for a wee 3 hours later, not one of the 'potties' had been moved!!! DISGUSTING!!! I could go on... DD was in hosp 2 nights with Gastritus and there were no attempts made atall to keep us isolated from the other children. We were offered toys from the same bucket, etc. Shocking!! Night night - I'm off to bed

lulupop Tue 01-Feb-05 07:43:51

When my friend had her first baby, she left the hospital with an unusual infection. After 7 weeks of agony at home and being fobbed off by the gp, she had to be readmitted for surgery. She took her baby as she was BF. One of the nurses said to her "If any of your baby's toys go on the floor, make sure you wash and sterilise them before giving them back to her" my friend says "But this is a hospital, surely the floor is clean" and the nurse replied "This is a gynaecological ward - what do you think goes on the floors?" and my friend said "Yes but presumably you do clean the floor??" and the nurse just shrugged, and as she walked away said "I#m just saying, if it were my baby, I wouldn't take any chances"

That's nice, isn't it?!

Friend spent whole time paranoid about the filth and luckily baby was fine, but FFS, it's something when even the staff are telling you how filthy the place is.

misdee Tue 01-Feb-05 07:47:34

i have spent a lot of time in hospitals lately as dh is in there. the one he usually goes to is filthy. when they move beds out there is dust and gunk etc all over the floor, the bed sheets arent always changed, one of the beds dh had had blood on the sheets and he hadnt bleed at all. the place was inspected, they commented on the dust on the underneath of dh bed frame, but they didnt clean it in the week he was there.

The hospital he is at now is so much cleaner. and it smells nicer too

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