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What do you really dislike doing with your dc's, but for no real reason?

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Ilovebunting Mon 09-Jun-08 15:53:52

I have promised to take dd swimming tonight. I hate hate hate taking her swimming, but there is no reason for me doing so-the lifeguards are mainly female, so am not bothered about my wobbles (too much!), dd has a whale of a time, and swims free on a mon and wed so it's cheap cheap cheap, she is finally big enough to go on the flumes (and what a shame, mummy has to go on with her!! grin), she has a shower afterwards so don't have the faff of bathtime when we get back, and she sleeps like an angel that night. It's all plusses, so why do I hate it so much? Anyone else got any? grin

Bunch Mon 09-Jun-08 15:59:38

I hate swimming with my DCs too! I agree with all the plus points you said but I just hate it! I think for me its the whole 'getting dry' bit in the cold soggy changing rooms.

Fennel Mon 09-Jun-08 16:02:17

I hate taking my children swimming too but it's for several reasons. it's time consuming. boring in the pool watching them and shivering while not doing any real swimming yourself. then it's cold getting them all changed before you can get yourself changed. I quite like going swimming on my own but going through all that swimming costume changing room getting cold and wet palaver to not even get any exercise is very unenticing.

Ilovebunting Mon 09-Jun-08 16:06:18

They should let you pay a little extra for "plush" changing rooms with super soft towels etc! Would much prefer going then! Am sometimes tempted to attach dd to me (dd in buoyancy vest) with a wrist strap and go lane swimming for a bit of the time as a "compromise"! grin

Aimsmum Mon 09-Jun-08 16:06:55

Message withdrawn

Ilovebunting Mon 09-Jun-08 16:08:53

I always want to tell her where to put the glitter etc too! And then get really peed off when I have to clear it all up afterwards!

Umlellala Mon 09-Jun-08 16:09:02

going to the playground. i have a tolerance level of about 5 mins.

actually just being outside in general [miserable, rainy day loving mummy emoticon]

Anna8888 Mon 09-Jun-08 16:09:39

Swimming in indoor public pools is dire.

Swimming outdoors on a hot summers day in a hotel or club or friend's pool is lovely.

With or without DCs.

Amapoleon Mon 09-Jun-08 16:09:47

I hate lego!

Ilovebunting Mon 09-Jun-08 16:11:17

We took "baby" out in the dolls pram yesterday-I wanted to storm home in a paddy after 10 mins! And all the other mums look so happy and all the other kiddies walk so much faster than yours!! envy

Ilovebunting Mon 09-Jun-08 16:12:26

Ooooooooooh lego I love! Get mad with playmobil and sylvanians tho because dd never puts everything back where it should go!!!

JackieNo Mon 09-Jun-08 16:14:31

Aimsmum - I@m with you on the arty stuff - messy, boring, because as you say, you want to help, but don't like to, and then there's all the clearing up to do when they get bored five minutes after starting.

Enid Mon 09-Jun-08 16:26:24

going to the park - too stressful wtih a kamikaze 2 year old, a clumsy 5 year old anda daredevil 8 year old

I always need a glass of wine when I get back

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 09-Jun-08 16:27:41

I am with you on going to the park Enid - hate it too.

SixSpotBurnet Mon 09-Jun-08 16:29:25

I am no good at reading out loud. It was fine when they were babies and we could just read "Dear Zoo" but I cannot read whole chapters of Harry Potter out loud. I start coughing and wheezing after a page. Luckily DH can, and does grin.

SixSpotBurnet Mon 09-Jun-08 16:30:01

I love going to the park, funnily enough.

craft stuff

basically anything they enjoy wink grin I do those things though <martyr> just not that often <normal mum>

Oh I like reading stories - how about I come and read to your dc and you do sticking with mine...

Anna8888 Mon 09-Jun-08 16:33:50

(Enid - take wine to the park smile - much more fun...)

SixSpotBurnet Mon 09-Jun-08 16:35:35

And I do like baking with them but I have to admit that I usually get a tiny bit ... shouty? some point during the proceedings blush as they argue furiously with each other over who gets to do what.

SixSpotBurnet Mon 09-Jun-08 16:36:17

I bet Enid is brilliant at baking with her DDs...envy.

wonderwomanakaeandh Mon 09-Jun-08 16:36:51

after spending most of the day in the garden with teh dd's, have to say havent enjoyed it, I had to get 2 pcinic blankets as they wanted their own one, then move parasol as dd2 looking very hot,applying sunlotion, getting drinks, putting hats back on, wanting a picnic lunch, then all the toys from playroom dragged into garden/playhouse, like a fool I did the paddling pool for them so water/grass trapsed through the house. Its taken me an hour to tidy up .

Also cant do art/craft stuff as 'bossy' part of me comes out so dh does that (although I still have to do clearing up hmm

meridian Mon 09-Jun-08 16:37:51

I hate craft time.. I do crafts and I love crafts but DS just makes a mess.. only draws scribbles that he says are machines and then he wanders off.. he is 4.5 and can draw "people" but he wont especially not if I ask him too...

oh and I hate hate hate glitter glue

and sometimes I dont like to play pretend, as he gets too bossy and if I play with something he will then take it away from me.. hmm

I don't mind swimming though... its excercize for me at least..

claricebeansmum Mon 09-Jun-08 16:39:32

That is so messy.

Mercy Mon 09-Jun-08 16:39:35

Sixpot, I agree!

I don't mind the very short stories with ds (unless it's TTTE) but I just can't get into some of dd's books (eg, Magic Faraway Tree at the moment) plus as she seems to have 3 on hte go sometimes, I very literally lose the plot!

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