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what would you think if you saw a new mum pushing an £800 silver cross pram?

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littlemisschatalot Mon 09-Jun-08 08:34:23

just wondering really....and this is in a northern village, not london...

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Mon 09-Jun-08 08:35:51

I would think she had more money than sense, but I fail to see what the location has to do with it.

SSSandy2 Mon 09-Jun-08 08:37:00

I wouldn't even know if was expensive so I would probably just pass by withotu thinking anything

belgo Mon 09-Jun-08 08:37:08

I wouldn't know one if it stared me in the face.

But I always see very obvious signs of wealth every time I visit England.

eenybeeny Mon 09-Jun-08 08:37:14

there is one in my village. I am in North Essex. I am fascinated by the Mother though I have never talked to her! Plan on it though if I see her out and about again soon.

GooseyLoosey Mon 09-Jun-08 08:37:37

(a) Lucky you; and
(b) wonder if its your first as not sure you have thought through the practicalities of that pram.

BabiesEverywhere Mon 09-Jun-08 08:37:39

I would think, "You could buy a lot of nice slings for the cost of that pram" wink

eenybeeny Mon 09-Jun-08 08:38:19

I assumed you meant the really old fashioned silver crosses? On huge wheels and really high up etc like the victorians did it?

I think hers was around 1100 though as I have seen them in shops

SoupKitchen Mon 09-Jun-08 08:38:29

That she wants to be seen to have spent serious money on her PFB.

Some people sadly think that money spent = love

Bucharest Mon 09-Jun-08 08:39:21

I would think she had good taste, and also, if it was anywhere near Nth Yorkshire, that she had bought it from the factory shop which is near Bradford.

FrannyandZooey Mon 09-Jun-08 08:39:27

they are beautiful bits of kit
I would admire it and not think much else, really
I wouldn't get one myself but they are quite Wow

Botbot Mon 09-Jun-08 08:40:48

I'd probably think 'that'd be hard to get on the bus.'

LazyLinePainterJane Mon 09-Jun-08 08:41:18

I wouldn't know that it was that expensive, TBH.

zippitippitoes Mon 09-Jun-08 08:42:07

i think prams a re lovely

eenybeeny Mon 09-Jun-08 08:43:48

botbot I thought the exact same thing!

Also you wonder if there is an old Grandma somewhere who bought it for her Granddaughter's baby because it was just like the one she had during the war. And the new Mum might hate it do to it being ostentatious and hard to get on a bus but use it for her old Nan's sake!

EffiePerine Mon 09-Jun-08 08:46:17

I'd think it looked very comfortable. If you don't to get on buses etc. I think they'd be pretty practical - I like proper prams and ones that are nice and high so you don't have to stopp to talk to the baby.

2point4kids Mon 09-Jun-08 08:47:38

I'd think lovely pram but not incredibly practical! Bet she also has a maclaren hidden away at home grin

BellaBear Mon 09-Jun-08 08:47:59

I know someone who has one and the size doesn't bother her (it would me, they are bloody hard to get into shops and so on) but the thing that annoys her is that she can't get down the street without strangers (usually old ladies, but not only) stopping her to talk about it!

tissy Mon 09-Jun-08 08:48:14

I'd think, "those wheels would make a great go-kart in a few years' time" grin

kiskideesameanoldmother Mon 09-Jun-08 08:48:54

I would think, "do you know how many slings you can buy for £800?"

BTW, i would have no idea how much a pram costs just by looking at it. I never knew they could cost 800 quid.

belgo Mon 09-Jun-08 08:53:38

what do you think when you see someone driving an expensive car? Or wearing expensive clothes and jewellary? Or using an expensive phone or having a house full of DVD, Wiis, Nintendos, other luxeries? I'm wondering, why pick on a mother for her choice of pram?

Nemoandthefishes Mon 09-Jun-08 08:53:43

there is a mum at the school nursery who has one [usually pushed by the grandmother] and its a lovely pram but not particularly practical!!

kayzisexpecting Mon 09-Jun-08 08:55:40

I'd be jealous because I really wanted one. But it wouldn't be practical. I got a pram that looked like a proper pram and it folds up and it still takes up loads of room.

littlemisschatalot Mon 09-Jun-08 08:55:43

was just asking as i had one and only now 5 yrs later am wondering what people thought!
we were loaned ours from some friends who had a pram shop i loved it and would walk for miles with it. but did wonder if it isolated me a bit from the other new mums with their mamas and papas etc.

zippitippitoes Mon 09-Jun-08 08:56:12

why are they not practical

they are good for bigger babies and lovely for them to sit in with some toys

and of course for naps inside and outside under a tree at all times of year

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