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Let's have it all please - The National Childbirth Trust

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Rhiannon Mon 19-Mar-01 15:20:12

Lil, Croppy et al. The NCT is a national organisation there are over 400 branches. New branches being set up in Northern Ireland and Dundee at the moment. They are all over London. Everyone at your local NCT is a volunteer if you volunteer your services to set up a working Mum's group or any other type of group within the branch, I know they will be very grateful. If you don't like the women at the local branch go to the next one up the road it's not a problem. If you are having problems let me know where you are and I'll find out the contact names and numbers for you. Ask if they have Bumps and Babes which is a group especially to introduce people. As you can tell I am passionate about the NCT (I am not left wing or a veggie, I don't wear beads and I didn't even breast feed!). We welcome all newcomers so if you live near junction 25 of the M25 you are very welcome. Phew! Or just call head office on 0208 992 8637 for more advice.

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