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Any e-bay addicts out there?

(29 Posts)
louisse28 Fri 21-Jan-05 21:23:46

I just love e-bay and cannot resist the lull of a good bargain for my toddler. I got a Next coat today for him for only a £1, and was so excited as the clock counted down to that "winning bidder". Am I sad or are there other like minded mums out there?

charliecat Fri 21-Jan-05 21:25:10

Oh may feedback do you have? I have 708!

HappyMumof2 Fri 21-Jan-05 21:25:49

Message withdrawn

miam Fri 21-Jan-05 21:26:05

charliecat!!!!! My dh thinks I am addicted and I only have 13!!

charliecat Fri 21-Jan-05 21:28:57

louisse28 Fri 21-Jan-05 21:30:27

I only had a '19' feedback, but just love the excitement of finding a bargain that nobody else wants. I got my mum "The King and I" dvd for christmas for only 1p, how cool is that. I would tell you all what I am bidding on now, but I won't cos the're mine!!! ( God I sound like a toddler now!!!)

PicadillyCircus Fri 21-Jan-05 21:33:29

I love ebay

charliecat Fri 21-Jan-05 21:33:43

I got my mum a video for Xmas for a pound, the life of david gale, i was well chuffed. Selling not buying just now!

cosmos Sat 22-Jan-05 09:27:12

I made a bid for a bundle of baby boy clothing this week and when I got outbid dp came in and won the bid in the end.Although it cost more than Id expected it to was still proud of him for "bravely" securing his little boys clothes,who dares wins I thought!

misdee Sat 22-Jan-05 09:28:35

love ebay, the buying and selling. made over £70 the other week selling. spent it all tho lol.

piffle Sat 22-Jan-05 09:32:58

yes I have 894 feedback but sell more than buy now, but likewise spend all my money
Addicted YES!

mishi1977 Sat 22-Jan-05 10:10:07

im an ebay addict i love buying stuff for ds and myself..even from usa...but i go to bargain shops and buy bn stuff and sell it at profit since giving up work...have feedback of 520 and only been using it since sept

lulupop Mon 24-Jan-05 08:14:18

I love ebay too and have only just discovered it recently. I started just buying clothes for ds and dd but have sold some stuff too.

am surprised by how sniffy most of my friends in rl are about me dressing the kids in "second hand clothes from a stranger" - like, that's what a washing machine is for!

I've only sold clothes so far, but have some heavier things to sell and was wondering how you find out what the postage wld be first? Do people use Parcelforce, TNT, or what? And how do you find out what the postage price for your specific item wld be from these companies?

Kelly1978 Mon 24-Jan-05 08:19:28

I'm an eBay powerseller, I actually make a nice little supplemental income from buying stuff in bulk and reselling on eBay. It's hard work, keep traisping down the Post office, listing and buying, but it pays my c/card bills.

Lulupop, parcelforce have a cost calculator on their site somewhere. Royal Mail also have price lists. For really heavy stuff I use parcels2go, which is about £10 for up to about 25 kilos with 24 hr delivery.

Carlk Wed 09-Feb-05 01:34:50

You may well like this item then

skidge Fri 25-Feb-05 22:52:21

e-bay is in a word addictive. There are many fab bargains which I often bid for and hope to win for my toddler.

pedilia Fri 25-Feb-05 22:56:38

I am a bit of an addict to, I am also a powerseller and am trying to concentrate on selling but sometimes just cannot resist.

did anyone watch the programme tonight on ebay, I missed the end did he sell the rope ??

Fimbo Fri 25-Feb-05 23:26:19

I got into a bidding war over something for my dh yesterday and bid £16 more than what dh & I agreed it was worth. I only bid 50p over the top bid and thought someone else would beat me, wasn't looking forward to telling dh what I had done and felt sick all afternoon but luckily he was ok about it. I only ever go on two websites these days here and ebay .

Niddlynono Fri 25-Feb-05 23:50:49

Addictive but great. I haven't sold anything on it yet but have bought plenty.

Fimbo - I'm the same MN and Ebay. What more do I need?

It's funny talking to people who don't Ebay though - it's like talking about a cult religion or something.

rogan2001 Sat 26-Feb-05 00:32:07

I used to spend a fortune on ebay, but now i mainly stick to selling rather than buying, it is very addictive and you can end up with loads of things that you don't really want or need, but then you can just gather them all up and sell them back on ebay.

KarenThirl Sat 26-Feb-05 15:32:58

Love Ebay! Husband buys and sells books, I spend the profits - it's a very workable arrangement! Did lots of my Xmas shopping on there - ds discovered Harry Potter in the summer but you couldn't get the stuff in the shops any more, got loads of it on Ebay for next to nowt.

And yes, I get the jitters when I'm close to winning an auction! Tip - if you don't already do it, keep two ebay windows open at once when you have an auction closing then you can quickly add another bid if you get pipped close to the end.

TwoIfBySea Sat 26-Feb-05 21:01:29

I'll use this then to ask you all. Do you get money for stuff you have sold or is it all this paypal thing?

I have tons of baby clothes that I could sell but I am nervous about getting ripped off and getting started and all.

I've only ever been on the site once and it ended badly which soured it a bit so I've not ever gone back.

pixiefish Sat 26-Feb-05 21:05:51

you can ask that people send a cheque- don't send the goods out till it's cleared. it's fairly easy to do- set up your reputation first by selling low value items and then you'll get feedback. once you've got a decent feedback then people will rate you and pay more for your stuff

lunavix Sat 26-Feb-05 21:10:51

I love ebay!! My feedback is only 36, but that's all buying. I now have an account for selling/buying baby stuff for ds so I don't spend our wages

SeaShells Sat 26-Feb-05 21:17:18

Well my feedback is now 127! I've only been on there since before xmas! I love it when you are bidding on something and it gets really tense in the last few minutes and then it's really exciting when you win

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