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does anyone have a baby that plays with toys

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jammi Wed 04-Jun-08 22:06:09

Message withdrawn

copingvquietly Wed 04-Jun-08 22:08:11

my son likes anything hes not meant to play withhmmhes 6 months

Jas Wed 04-Jun-08 22:09:16

Save your money!

DS is two and plays now, but not when very small. D you take him to mother and baby type things? Wait til he starts to show an interest in things there, so you've an idea what is worth buying.

NorthernLurker Wed 04-Jun-08 22:10:55

sracking cups are cheap and light enough for a baby to lift when they are able - which won't be for quite a few weeks yet!

emma1977 Wed 04-Jun-08 22:20:32

Soft toys are a total waste of time.

However, he loves his whoozit (baby tizoo) and has done since about 10 weeks.

francagoestohollywood Wed 04-Jun-08 22:34:12

I don't remember my two "playing" at 10 weeks old. Rattles. rattles are good, esp when they start teething.

Swaliswan Wed 04-Jun-08 22:37:41

At this age all you need is a good playmat and a bouncy chair. You can rotate the hanging toys around to give your DC a change of scene. Some babies like wrist rattles and foot finders at this age. I don't think that DD truly got the hang of toys until she was 6 mo and she is only starting to play with toys 'properly' now.

VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 04-Jun-08 22:39:42

Mine are aged 3+4 and ignore all their toys and make dens out of the sofa cushions. I'm pretty sure if I threw the lot out they'd never notice.

littleboyblue Wed 04-Jun-08 22:42:58

Ds had an activity bar that played music and he'd hit out at rattles. Can't remember if it was at 10 weeks though.
Wouldn't worry too much about toys now, it still early for them to hold things.
Infact, at 10 weeks I was giving ds a weaning spoon to play with, it was light enough and thin enough for him to hold, he'd get it in mouth, eyes, up his nose but when weaning time arrived it was so easy. I figured coz he was used to spoon, none of my friends did it and they all had nightmare with solid food

DisplacementActivity Wed 04-Jun-08 22:56:15

Message withdrawn

jammi Thu 05-Jun-08 08:07:31

Message withdrawn

PortAndLemon Thu 05-Jun-08 08:23:18

He probably won't care about soft toys until he gets to two or so.

Rattles and similar he will probably develop an interest in around 3-4 months, then move on to stacking cups, little cars, etc., as he gets to maybe 9-10 months.

But he will always be far more interested in a saucepan and wooden spoon...

halogen Thu 05-Jun-08 08:36:16

I don't think soft toys are a waste of time at all. You can make them talk to the baby, wave at the baby, walk to or on the baby etc. My daughter has loved them since she was a few months old. Agree that a ten week old doesn't really need toys, though, bar maybe a mobile or something else pretty to look at.

Best toy we ever got at this age was a couple of sets of baby links from ELC (total outlay about eight quid). They make good rattles as well as being useful for attaching toys to car seats etc and they come in lovely bright colours and have different textures on them so really interesting to look at and chew once the baby can grab things.


thequietone Thu 05-Jun-08 08:49:08

I was just about to post the same question. Can't remember what DS1 was like at this age, but my DS2 is 14 weeks now - he seems bored and cries on the baby gym, and has a seat as he likes looking around. I also keep looking for better toys for him, but wasn't sure if I was wasting my time.

Can't wait for him to be more interested in the baby gym toys!

MrsBadger Thu 05-Jun-08 08:55:23

save your money - the baby gym will be all you use fro some time yet. Extra dangly things to hang from it so you can swap them round are good.
Those ELC links are an excellent buy and are still in constant use (dd 10m) for attaching things to pushchair / carseat / highchair.

jammi Thu 05-Jun-08 08:56:58

Message withdrawn

Nolda Thu 05-Jun-08 09:04:57

I've found Sally Ward's book, 'Baby Talk' very useful. Although it's aim is to encourage communication skills it gives ideas of toys for each age. For birth to 3 months she suggests with regard to toy box:

mobiles with sharp colour contrasts, particularly black and white

simple bells and musical instruments can be interesting to listen to

brightly coloured objects that are easy to handle and safe to chew

a variety of textures provide stimulation, a simple cloth is one of the best toys at this stage.

In other words no need to spend a lot!

MrsBadger Thu 05-Jun-08 09:05:55

NB thequietone, if he seems bored with the toys on the baby gym, consider what it is they actually offer him.
Too many are just soft toys with faces, or need to be squeezed to make a noise, which he's too small to do.
Things that respond to the slightest touch, like bells and rattley things, are good because he gets some reward for his effort. A friend had some fab 'kick chimes' thus (don't buy from Two Left Feet though).

jammi Thu 05-Jun-08 09:07:47

Message withdrawn

jammi Thu 05-Jun-08 09:08:31

Message withdrawn

jammi Thu 05-Jun-08 09:08:33

Message withdrawn

BellaBear Thu 05-Jun-08 09:15:21

DS's (20 weeks) favourite things are a small taggies blanket (tags go in his mouth and it's is flexible enough for him to hold on to) and this elephant which, again, he can hold onto and chew. Both of these are recent developments though. He has an assortment of soft toys sitting on the shelf looking pretty!
And when I say 'favourites', it is my choice, I suppose, what he gets hold of since he can't move! But he seems to like playing with these two.

CalmCalmCalm Thu 05-Jun-08 12:54:21

DD2 is 16 weeks and has just discovered objects (rather than 'toys' as such). We have *a lot* of toys around because of DD1 (2.8) and the things she really likes are: anything that makes a noise - small cage-type ball with jangly ball inside, rattles, baby rainmaker, as someone said above a cloth crinkly book, teething keys. She basically just grabs clumsily at things and, if she makes contact, gums them for a while! She is quite engaged by the baby rainmaker and will stare smiling at it for ages if you tip it up and down. Hope this helps.

halogen Thu 05-Jun-08 13:41:12

Oh, I meant to say, the other really nice thing about those baby links is that they are both slim and light so much easier to pick up than a lot of other first toys. I found a lot of rattles were just too big for my daughter to get her fingers around.

Naetha Thu 05-Jun-08 18:14:00

My DS (21 weeks) absolutely loves Lamaze toys like this:

And that one is his favourite. They're great for attaching to the side of the cot / pushchair / car seat and have lots of different textures and each "arm" does a different thing (teething rings, bell, rattle etc). He will happily sit in his rocker for up to 30 minutes playing with it. He got interested in them when he was about 12-14 weeks old.

While not quite a toy, DS absolutely loves his jumperoo and will happily spend almost an hour in it bouncing and playing with the toys around the side. It's great when you need to get stuff done, or alternatively sit and read a book

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