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Mums in the Gillingham ( Kent ) area?

(10 Posts)
Aero Wed 12-Jan-05 20:31:55


Freckle Wed 12-Jan-05 20:38:56

Well, you know I'm in Maidstone. Don't suppose that counts as Gillingham area .

Aero Wed 12-Jan-05 20:42:29

Hello Freckle - yes, I know you're in Maidstone, but this isn't my thread! Another mystery non starter! Please do post again, whoever you are. How are you doing anyway Freckle?

louisse28 Wed 12-Jan-05 20:44:24

Sorry. I am not very good with technology!!
I live in the Gillingham area and was wondering if there were any other mums around to meet up with?

Freckle Wed 12-Jan-05 20:44:44

I'm fine, sort of. Just gone through the trauma of DS1 sitting the 11+. Have to wait until March to get the results. Very stressed mum until then.

louisse28 Wed 12-Jan-05 20:54:16

Hello? Does anybody actually live in Gillingham then?

Aero Wed 12-Jan-05 20:55:28

Hello Louisse. Welcome to mn. There are lots of mums from around Kent/Medway, and I think there's a meet-up planned for Faversham quite soon on another thread. Will have a look for you.
Freckle - you poor thing - try not to be too stressed though - I'm sure ds will have done his best! A few from around here have been doing theirs too but at least, whatever the outcome, at least the stress of exam pressure is out of the way!

Aero Wed 12-Jan-05 20:59:39

Have a look here .

louisse28 Wed 12-Jan-05 21:00:07

Thank's for that, I was starting to wonder whether my messages were getting through. That would be great if you let me know when the meet and greet is, as I don't know that many people in the Medway area...

Aero Wed 12-Jan-05 21:09:01

I think if you scroll down and read the thread through, they'll probably have agreed a time and date - I haven't read through it myself yet though as have been a bit busy of late - just had a quick glance the other day.

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