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what age was your child when you stopped using baby monitors at night-time ?

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charlie95 Tue 11-Jan-05 19:56:09

just wondering generally what other people have done ?

lockets Tue 11-Jan-05 19:57:55

Message withdrawn

ladymuck Tue 11-Jan-05 20:00:14

We'd dropped the monitor before 1 year (can't remember how long before). Basically once they were sleeping through I stopped. Ds1 snores like anything...

colditzmum Tue 11-Jan-05 20:01:41

6 months old. i could hear him anyway.

lockets Tue 11-Jan-05 20:02:35

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Tue 11-Jan-05 20:04:06

Never used it for dd2 - our house has dreadful acoustics, you can hear bloody anything through our wooden floors!

That's my story, anyway. I did try it, I seem to remember, and picked up weird sounds from down the road and gave up in exhausted despair.

ghosty Tue 11-Jan-05 20:04:22

I never used my baby monitor with DS but then we lived in a teeny weeny house and I could hear him from wherever I was. I gave it to my mum for when she looked after DS as it made her feel better.
I stopped using the monitor at night for DD about 7 weeks , about a week after she went into her own room. The reason for this is that I lay awake all night for a week waiting for the bloody thing to make a noise (the monitor, not the baby ) so I switched it off and have always woken up when DD has woken up.
She was right next door and I have always had an in built instinct to wake up at the slightest unusual noise even if I am in a deep sleep.
I prefer to use the monitor during the day as I am busy doing stuff and am less likely to hear her wake up.

motherinferior Tue 11-Jan-05 20:04:33

FROM A MONTH ????????

Kayleigh Tue 11-Jan-05 20:05:54

We still use one for ds2 who is 3.5 but that's because we are in the loft converstion and ds1 and ds2 are on the floor below. Ds2 calls out if he wakes in the night and I need to hear him before he wakes ds1 (and possibly the neighbours!).

Posey Tue 11-Jan-05 20:06:00

Kept dd's until she was 5 (when ds was born)
Not as crazy as it sounds really. She has been sick on a number of occasions and not woken up. By having the monitor on, I would hear it.
After she gave it up for ds, she has actually been sick twice, and slept on. I only discovered it was when checking her when I went to bed, sound asleep surrouded by the stuff.
Ds is now 2 and really doesn't need it as if he woke I would probably hear him cry or his footsteps, but its kind of habit. It also means I can definitely hear without thinking ooh was that ds, better go and check. Don't have it on when we go to bed though as he's only next door.

lockets Tue 11-Jan-05 20:09:27

Message withdrawn

Frizbe Tue 11-Jan-05 20:11:09

About 10mths, she has that big a mouth you can't help but know when your wanted

Tinker Tue 11-Jan-05 20:24:22

Never used one, would worry about becoming dependent on it.

scaltygirl Tue 11-Jan-05 20:33:05

Message withdrawn

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 11-Jan-05 20:34:54

7/8 months but I still use it when either of them is particularly poorly.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 11-Jan-05 20:41:01

I still use one for 2.5 year old DD. Mainly because she is on the other side of the house above the garage so we can't hear her if we're in the living room.

mummylonglegs Tue 11-Jan-05 20:47:23

Dd sleeps on a different floor to the lounge and where we sleep. We literally wouldn't hear her screaming when we're in bed, let alone any changes in her breathing due to illness etc. if we didn't have the monitor on. When I stay at my mum's tiny cottage it's so relaxing to just be able to hear her without having a monitor on. I hate sleeping so far apart from her. She's 2.3 by the way.

80sMum Tue 11-Jan-05 20:52:12

Used one for the first couple of months with ds - but what a nuisance it was! It was before the days of wireless/cordless monitors and so we had thin grey wires trailing all along the landing and down the stairs into the living room! More trouble than it was worth, so we soon gave up using it. I think the modern ones are great though.

dot1 Thu 13-Jan-05 11:22:58

we've never used one for ds2 - and we threw him out of our bedroom when he was 3 weeks old (and his bedroom's the furthest away from ours)

Not sure why really - I think we used one more with ds1 but can't really remember. I think we work on the principle that if either of them is crying loud enough for us to hear downstairs in the evening, or to wake us up at night, then we need to do something..!! But I realise we're lucky in that both ds's are very healthy and haven't (TOUCH WOOD) been sick or ill that much - so we don't need to listen out for that reason.

Angeliz Thu 13-Jan-05 11:25:43

I still use it for dd and she's 3.11

We live in a big house though and she often wkes with nightmares scared stiff and just stays there but cries and i'm afraid i wouldn't hear her. (Mind you that's only the last few months).
It still reassures me.

iota Thu 13-Jan-05 11:37:19

I gave up the baby monitor when ds2 went into a bed at about 20 mths - based it in the principle that he could get up and come to us if he wanted to.
As for hearing them, the design of our house means it's easy to hear them when we are downstairs if we leave the doors ajar. (house is square with central staircase)

Frieda Thu 13-Jan-05 11:43:51

I gave my monitor away to a friend when ds was about 2.5 – he's always had a very loud voice, and we don't live in an enormous house. Mind you, I went next door to babysit their 6-year-old in a house identical size to ours, and they STILL had a monitor in her bedroom, which I was a little surprised about. But each to his own, I suppose...

(Although, funnily enough, we bumped into the 6 year old on the way to school yesterday morning, and she told me she'd got a spy kit for Christmas. Maybe she's getting her own back )

lowcalCOD Thu 13-Jan-05 11:48:58

never with ds3
was a bit precious wit ds1 I htink

lowcalCOD Thu 13-Jan-05 11:49:15

I dont want to hear them!

suzywong Thu 13-Jan-05 11:50:12

same here but with ds2, don't have a ds3

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