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How to help ds, age 6, fall off to sleep?

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Pip2 Mon 10-Jan-05 22:33:42

My son, age 6 is having trouble falling off to sleep. Despite being physically tired, and having a full day at school, he has difficulty falling off to sleep, tossing, turning and getting anxious as he can't fall asleep. Some nights it will be 8.30pm before he will be fast asleep, one hour after he went to bed. He has a glass of warm milk before we go up, followed by bathtime, story and bed. He doesn't watch much television and if he does, we have a rule that the television has to be off at 6pm. I've tried story and music tapes, lavender oil on his pillow but nothing seems to be helping. He is a lively, energetic boy and happy otherwise.
Does anyone have any suggestions or tips that I could try? I read about a sleep balm, called Badgers Sleep Balm and just wondered if anyone here had used it?

makealist Mon 10-Jan-05 22:47:59

Maybe try putting him to bed a little later, say 8 and see if that helps. Don't what time others put their ds/dd to bed , my ds2 is going to be 7 in march and he goes to bed around 8.15

fostermum Tue 11-Jan-05 08:31:08

again as in tread above lavender oil works wonders either couple of drops in a bath or a drop or two on his pillow

spook Tue 11-Jan-05 08:41:58

Hi Pip2. My DS1 is almost 8 and has never really slept. He very rarely goes to sleep before 11 despite going to bed with his younger brother around 7.30-8. He reads and listens to tapes. I have just come to the conclusion that some children don't need much sleep.
Maybe if you took the pressure off him a bit-put him to bed at the same time with some story tapes and just told him to rest-sleep hopefully will come when he's ready. That may take the stress off him a little and he realises that as long as he's in bed relaxing he's OK???
You seem to be doing all the right things to help him, but I have been down all these routes and nothing really makes much difference. I am ussually asleep before him TBH!!

ghosty Tue 11-Jan-05 09:05:34

I agree with Spook. Maybe he just needs less than the expected 12 hours a night that most other children seem to do?
We have always had problems with DS' sleep despite a strict bedtime routine from a young baby.
He is five now and on a 'school' night he is in bed at 7.30pm but often doesn't fall asleep until 8.30pm. Things got easier when we relaxed the 'go to sleep' thing. We tell him that he doesn't have to go to sleep until he is ready and he can look at books or listen to tapes etc but it is grown up time now so he must stay in his room. He lets us know when he has had enough of whatever he is doing and I go in and turn his light off. We realised how unfair it was to expect him to go to sleep before he was ready.
We are currently on summer holidays in NZ and so he is going to bed around 8 and often doesn't go to sleep till 9pm.
He is an early riser too ... never ever sleeps past 6.30am ...
DD is a different kettle of fish, falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow and does the 11.5-12 hour thing ... a novelty for us I assure you!

Why don't you try telling your DS that it is ok if he doesn't go to sleep but he has to be in bed ... take the pressure off him a bit.

LIZS Tue 11-Jan-05 09:20:10

Not sure what to suggest to help him relax but ds who is also 6 has drastically reduced the amount of sleep he needs since last summer. He goes to bed by 8.30 but is often still awake up to an hour later, still getting up at 7. He happily reads in bed though an sometimes listens to a tape.

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