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Pre schools, Montessori, private or other?

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Lowryn Wed 05-Jan-05 19:43:09

Since we have moved my pre-occupation has been to find my DD a pre school or nursery to attend. She is entitled to her nursery vouchers from this term and can't wait to get to play with other children again!
I have looked at a Montessori, two completely different privately run nurserys and am about to visit a local council run pre school.
My DH wants us to look at the pre prep at a nearby public school (it is actually cheaper than the nurseries!) but I am totally confused now.

Anyone got any views on teaching methods that work better in line with "proper" school...? I mean, if you go montessori, will this be benefical for "normal" school or not?

Sorry if the above sounds garbled. I am all tired out from running options through my head!

Lowryn Wed 05-Jan-05 20:45:14

gentle prod

marinda Wed 05-Jan-05 20:53:29

My DS (3.8) attends a pre-school playgroup run by a local mum for one morning and a school-run nursurt for 3 afternoons. Not much difference between these as they all do similar things - a bit of basic learning and structured and free play. Don't know about montessori but just know it is a "different" way of learning. I use two so he get's some variety. Most of them let you try them for a session or two before you decide finally - you can also attend when thw cho;d attends initially - this is useful to see what hhhappens - hope this helps!!

Lowryn Wed 05-Jan-05 20:56:02

Oh, I hadn't really thought about using two different ones!

oooggs Wed 05-Jan-05 20:57:57

DH's colleague sent his son to a Montessori but not his daughter and he said you could really tell. We have looked into this option but it would mean a half hour trip in the wrong direction when I go back to work and it is 4 times more expensive than the employers nusery. A big issue. It would have been good if I could pick and choose the days but it is a minimum of three sessions (or something like that). One full day would have been ideal but that isn't an option.

Hope you are happy with whatever option your choose. Sorry I haven't really been much help, but I have bumped you up a bit

marinda Wed 05-Jan-05 20:59:44

Meant to add - none of them I don't think are any better prep for school than any other - it just gives the kids some idea of routine - listening, snacking, playing etc... Hope this helps !

Lowryn Wed 05-Jan-05 21:00:09

Do you mean that the montessori way was benefical to this colleagues DS?
I am worried that it may be too liberal for DD...Maybe I underestimate her?

oooggs Thu 06-Jan-05 08:05:27

Yes it was benifically to his DS, at the time (was 20 yrs ago) his manners, feeding habits, social skills and accademic skills were much better than that of his sister. As this didn't fit in with our work/distance etc... I haven't investigated it further. So I can offer my opinion. I am only repeating what was said to us when we were considering it.

I may have visited and thought it was like a concentration camp . I may have thought it was the best ever - I don't know.

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