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Cot sides - when do I remove them?

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Amanda3266 Fri 31-Dec-04 21:17:16

Hi all,

Just a quick question. When do you remove the cot sides from a cot. MY ds has a cot bed and was 2 on the 20th December. The cot sides haven't been removed as with them in place he at least stays where he's supposed to at bed time. However, when do I think about taking them off - I know I'll be doing so sometime this year.
He is able to get out of the cot but not when he is in a Grobag (wicked grin).

What do other people do?


onlyjoking9329 Fri 31-Dec-04 21:18:19

leave them on until around 16

Yorkiegirl Fri 31-Dec-04 21:55:11

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Fri 31-Dec-04 22:01:59

hi amanda

i took the cot sides off dd's bed when she was 18 mths and gave her a smaller bedguard. she still doesnt get out of bed herself - in the morning she shouts through 'mummy im reading my book in bed' and i taker her in a cup of juice and we sit up in her bed! (me with my cup of tea, dd with her juice and dd2) she hardly even noticed tbh.

she is lazy though and loves her bed.

the thing with a cot bed is if your ds doesnt like it or it doesnt work out, the sides can go back on. good luck!

nailpolish Fri 31-Dec-04 22:02:19

shes 26 mths now btw

Kristingle Fri 31-Dec-04 23:28:46

You remove them immediately your child learns to climb out. And not a moment before

mishi1977 Fri 31-Dec-04 23:35:40

we removed ds bars a couple of months ago as he was trying to pull himself over sides...he is 14mths old now..was a bit of a nightmare for first week as he knew that he could get down and his toys seemed appealing...but now hes fab and loves going to bed....ours was also a cot bed so i did it gradually by moving one side and putting on bedrail so he still felt safe and today we took the other side down and he was lovely going to bed because he could wave at us and see over the bed

kinderbobsleigh Sat 01-Jan-05 02:52:53

Only take it off when you absolutely have to.

KateandtheElves Sat 01-Jan-05 04:02:29

My neighbours twins are still in cots at 45 months! Leave it as late as possible.

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