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The Sparkly New 2 (or more) Under 3 Thread- Join us!

(570 Posts)
FasterPussyCatGrrrl Thu 03-Apr-08 15:34:18


Post here if you have 2 or more kids under 3yrs.

We were formerly the 2 under 2 thread, but some inconsiderate DCs went and had birthdays.

Commence rambling / ranting / updates etc smile

fleximum Thu 03-Apr-08 15:38:02

My boys are 26 and 8 months respectively. DS1 starting to get increasingly green-eyed with ds2 - snatcing toys, biting whrn fingers too near him etc. Everyone keeps telling me they'll be really close friends but that seems a long way off at the moment.
Best bit has to be the serial dirty nappy changing - have done up to 7 in one day between them!

FasterPussyCatGrrrl Thu 03-Apr-08 15:44:31

I love the tandem pooing aswell hmm

Good day here- DS1 at CMs, we had a nice walk before he went. Been into town with DS2, done some shopping and housework.

Trying to get the house presentable as my friend is coming over tomorrow when the kids are in bed, so DH and i can go for a couple of drinks. Not had time away from both DCs for 6wks now.

Mine are 21mths and 5mths.

Chaotica Thu 03-Apr-08 16:16:27

It's my birthday and so far I ate strawberries and cake with DD and went to playgroup... (So far, she doesn't even know what a birthday is -- although I'm sure all that will change once she's had her second grin)

But DS only woke once last night -- luxury!

shock angry at the 'wide' comments from DH's. Oh for the times when women were more attractive with a bit of weight on wink. I'm lucky to have lost weight again (or most of it) but I dread to think what will happen once I give up bf and keep eating like a horse.

Chaotica Thu 03-Apr-08 16:17:28

Mine are now 23 months (DD) and 6 m (DS) btw.

Chaotica Thu 03-Apr-08 16:19:28

Also, Cazwa -- I daren't do the two DCs on the train trick. Has anybody tried it without help? (Haven't even done a short trip, although I have friends I'd love to see more often.)

fiodyl Thu 03-Apr-08 16:44:37

I regulary take my 2 on short trips on the train in their double buggy. I don't know if its the same where you are but the trains here have 1 dor that is marked with 2 red lines at each side. The train guard is usually at this dor and will help lift it on and off and there is also a space big enough to park a double( intended for a wheelchair, i think).

we did do a big trip by train(300 miles) last month which involved 3 changes and using the underground in London but we took them in 2 single pushchairs for that. It was a bit of a nightmare but we made it despite a very rude woman who nearly pushed DD down an escaltor!

2point4kids Thu 03-Apr-08 17:03:34

oooh just spotted this thread.. havent posted on it before but i have 2 under 3. My 2 boys are 2.5 years and 6 weeks old.
Will be nice to chat to others with 2 lo's if you dont mind me butting in grin

FasterPussyCatGrrrl Thu 03-Apr-08 17:31:19

all welcome!

Happy Birthday Chaotica!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i had strawberries and cake envy

Chaotica Thu 03-Apr-08 17:40:24

Hi 2.4 and welcome smile

KaybeeandZak Thu 03-Apr-08 19:16:47

Happy Birthday Chaotica grin

Well I am still waiting for baby number two to turn up....... My friend had her baby this morning, a little boy. Her DD is just a few weeks younger than my DS, so it's nice that we are both in the same boat!

Cazwa Thu 03-Apr-08 19:51:02

Happy Birthday Chaotica!
Mine for the record are 19mo and 5mo. Do I win a prize for smallest age gap, or did I read correctly on the last thread about the potty training that someone had an 11 month gap shock now thats close!

Had a pretty good day, went round to friends with 2 under 2 also in the morning then up to local childrens book museum/centre (7 stories if anyone ever goes to Newcastle, really good). Had lunch there (baked pot with cottage cheese, pat on my back) and all went home for a nap including me. I seem to have got this tandem napping thing sorted, they both go down now for 2hrs+ in the afternoon and I have to wake them both at 4pm. Park in the sun late afternoon with DH.
Cant believe its going to snow at the weekend, it was so nice today, feels like the longest winter ever.
DS is trying to sit up but just tips forward onto his face, keep trying not to laugh at him.
RE potty fighting, could you get two potties and whenever youngest tries to climb on whip out the other one?
HEllo to all new people on this new thread!

FasterPussyCatGrrrl Thu 03-Apr-08 20:09:39

oh Cazwa- an all-family nap sounds lovely.

I agree- perhaps 2 potties would help, and let them pick theirs? I'm lucky in that 5mth old has no interest in DS1s potty.

Hillbilly Thu 03-Apr-08 20:28:37

Ooooh - love the new thread name - I can join now!

Have lurked a bit but there was toomuch posting too read tbh.

Got dd 2.9 and ds 5 months.

Will endeavour to catch up with the thread in the morning though - ds wakes all night so must go to bed now!

rosiejoy Thu 03-Apr-08 20:32:26

oh this thread is great idea! forewarned is forearmed so im hoping for lots of stories of how great it gets once the eldest gets past 2...hmm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY chaotica smile

tried ds with the reins today, he looked at me like i was stupid, and wouldnt move, i kind of tugged a bit, but it felt like having a dog on a lead so we went back to holding hands

this evening was a total nightmare putting them to bed, dp and 2dss been here since saturday, but they all went away again yesterday, so i have 2 very confused los, had to take it in turns to get one out of bed for a cuddle whilst the other one screamed (and i never ever let them get up again after bedtime, im a big meanie!) its really hard sometimes cos i know dp has to work, but its bloody hard work with 2babies on your own- if there was emoticon for [steam coming out of ears] i would use it now sad

Gemy Thu 03-Apr-08 20:54:16

Hello everyone, welcome to the newcomers and also Happy Birthday Chaotica

Thanks for the sympathy about my H (still no D....) 'wide'remarks. I mean, I'm only a bloody size 10! And Izzy is only 13 bloody weeks!! Grrrrrr!

But, to say sorry, he let me do the weekly shop and M&S (there food is just so good) so he's on the road to forgivery.

Am really stressed about our weekend away and my parents looking after the children. Honastly, I've gotten used to me full nights' sleep and easy baby. We'll come back and mum and dad will delight in telling me how they decided to wake Izzy for no other reason than to cuddle her and that she stayed up til 9pm or something ridiculous.....

katyt1 Thu 03-Apr-08 21:00:56

Happy birthday Choatica

good idea re new thread

welcome to all newcomers

gemy - shock at your H, naughty him, hope he does more to get forgiven!
mine can't talk luckily but i'm squeezing into a size 14 atm, originally a 10, tho only just heading back into 10's after ds1.

had lovely day, friends round with their LOs this morning in the garden (tho ds1 has turned into a possessive freak over his toys, sigh), lunch went well, then nap, went v well (2 hrs) then more play outside with another friend. then dh home early, outside mowing the lawn with ds1 loving copying him with his mower, v cute. tea, bath and bed.
and ds2 mostly happy in my arms most of the day. my arms ache now.
i have started putting him in his cot for naps as he doesn't seem to sleep properly when i put him down anywhere else. good discipline i guess but i remember ds1 just slept anywhere - after copious bfding of course.

right, bedtime, best go.

hazeyjane Thu 03-Apr-08 22:21:11

Hooray, I can come back to the thread without pretending that life is easy once the eldest hits 2 (it's actually been a bloody nightmare this week because dd1 is poorly and dd2 has discovered how to cross the floor by bumshuffling, and is obsessed with all of dd1's favourite toys)

Hello Everyone.

My dd's are 2 and 10 months (so I think that must be same age gap as your lo's Cazwa).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAOTICA smile. I hope you were spoilt rotten on your birthday,

I've caught up reading the last few pages of the old thread. My dd's have shared a room from when dd2 left ours (6 months), we actually had a loft conversion in our old cottage, so that they could have a room each, then one night decided to put them in together. On the whole it's nice, and they seem to be able to sleep through each other's noise, but if they do wake each other up it is a nightmare. I'm hoping as time goes on they will get used to each other.

Chaotica and Faster, dd2 is 10 months old and still comes into bed with us every night at about 4 am, she's not hungry, she just wants to cuddle. I'm sure I'm making a rod for my own back, but it is so much easier than trying to settle her. And TBH I really love it. It wasn't something I ever did with dd1, and I feel quite sad about it, because, it is such a lovely feeling waking up and seeing them so peaceful. That said I am often curved round with my bum hanging of the edge of the bed in order to accomodate starfish baby, which does my back no good at all.

I love the backpack with reins (dd1 thinks she's Dora the Explorer when she has it on, and a friends little boy calls it his rescue pack, from Go Diego Go), have you seen the new ones that look like a bumble bee?

FasterPussyCatGrrrl Fri 04-Apr-08 06:50:51

I saw the bee one- i couldn't decide between that at the ladybird though, and then picked the ladybird.

DS1 has pooed on the floor behind his den this morning, but i hadn't got up yet, so DH dealt with it (insert evil laugh here) grin

I've decided the way to deal with DS2s sleeping is to allow him into bed later each night, until he's always in his bed. It's working well, and it means we don't miss it awfully by going cold turkey.

I've also been giving him about 6ozs formula around 5pm, then he breastfeeds about 6.30 before bed, and i know he's full as an egg. Been letting him stir very slightly after he's fallen asleep breastfeeding before putting him down, so he's not used to being put in bed fasto. I have to go back up to resettle him, but i'm sticking to it.

He slept 7.10 until midnight last night grin HUGE improvement. Going out tonight, even though i feel unwell today- think i've finally got the bad cold DH and DSs had sad

Lots of tidying and cleaning today before friend comes to babysit. Hopefully DS2 won't even stir before we get back (and she'll offer to babysit again)

fiodyl Fri 04-Apr-08 13:11:22

Cazwa it was me you read had an 11month gap between babies. My dd was 49 weeks old when ds was born so for 3 weeks i had 2 under 1!!

Re the potty training its not really them fighting over the potty thats the problem (i have actully got 2 potties)the problem is that ds is quite a clingy baby and gets very jealous when i am giving dd all of my attention i.e showing her how to use the potty.

hazeyjane Fri 04-Apr-08 13:55:34

Feeling a bit odd today, dd2 slept curled up on my lap, on the sofa (like a big snotty cat) for half of last night whilst I watched almost a whole series of The Mighty Boosh. Now it looks like she has got dd1's conjunctivitus, so we are all staggering around looking like we've been out drinking all night.

Chaotica Fri 04-Apr-08 17:48:31

Wow -- thanks for all the 'happy birthday's -- that's almost more than I got in RL. grin Ate a lot and drank wine and didn't go near the housework all day (so that counts as luxury -- right?). But I'm now getting the comedown: panicking with the backlog and a rather feverish DS who I probably should take to the doctors if I can't cure him with calpol alone. Maybe I'll go onto a birthday routine again tomorrow.

My hat is off to those of you who have 11 and 13 month gaps between your dcs... But I have to say that I enjoyed having the first birthday not-pregnant for two years. (Nearly did a test just to check in case) (no AF since I'm bf, just in case you wonder whether I'm completely mad, so I wouldn't have a clue shock)

Faster -- DS will stay in his cot now, but then DP's alarm wakes him up when he gets up for work angry. So it's better having him in the bed by then after all. (I can't win!)

Hazeyjane -- hope you all get more sleep tonight.

justabouttohavelunch Fri 04-Apr-08 19:03:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FasterPussyCatGrrrl Fri 04-Apr-08 22:54:09

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Went to the pub for a few hours, and ate chips on a bench.

Gawd bless lovely friends who babysit! grin

padboz Fri 04-Apr-08 23:05:39

oooooh - hello - nice new name - feel like I can join in again! how the heck are you all - Faster - you had a different name the last time we spoke - how are you?

Anyone care to do a recap at some point for an old timer?

hey justabout, hazey, chaotica, hazey, gemy, cazwa!

hello everyone!

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