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help! room temperature question!

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fairycakes Wed 29-Dec-04 00:50:31

I am a hopeless first-time-mum who is constantly worrying "is my baby too hot/too cold?" at night.

She is 15 weeks old, and sleeps in our bedroom in a crib. The temperature is always between 19-21 degrees, and i put her to sleep wearing a vest under a sleepsuit, and cover her with a sheet and a cellular blanket. When it is 19 degrees, I also put her in a wollen cardigan. Do you think this is too much/too little in the way of clothing/bedding?!

It has been worrying me for a while now and i thought i may as well ask for some advice and hopefully put my daft mind at rest!!

any advice much appreciated xx

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Dec-04 01:07:05

I have no idea what the temp is in our room but remember the midwives saying it was better for a new baby to be too cold than too hot so if I were you I'd underdress her rather than overdress her and if she seems happy and sleeps then she's probably not too cold. Have you seen Grobags? They're great and mean you don't need a blanket and you can get one for the time of year and age of baby.

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Dec-04 01:07:59

here you go, Grobags!

kbaby Wed 29-Dec-04 12:09:37


I was the same as you and bought a temperture guage and also cut out 'how many blankets guide' from the packaging on a new sheet.
It states that between 18-21c baby should wear a nappy, vest, sleepsuit, 1 sheet and 2 blankets/or 1 folded over. Thats the guide we followed. Once she got to 10lb I bought a grobag which was much easier as it stopped me stressing so much. We now do nappy, sleepsuit and 2tog gro bag. Her bedroom is around 17-20c. I agree with the others that its better to be cool than warm.

My friend puts her baby in a nappy, vest, sleepsuit, grobag and 2 sheets which I think is a bit warm.

kbaby Wed 29-Dec-04 12:10:45

Have a look in motercare at the guides on the back of the blankets and copy it down

brusselbeansprouts Wed 29-Dec-04 12:15:10

Fairycakes - I do the same as you but have just got a gro bag for xmas. Not sure how ds is going to get on with it as he was sick all over it after being in it for only a few hours, but it has been washed now, so we'll try again!!

I worry about this one too, but I think we are both doing the right thing.

fairycakes Wed 29-Dec-04 18:33:35

thanks for all the advice, it has put my mind at rest a bit - i have a grobag but it seems massive, 0-6 months, but maybe i will give it a try! but its good to know that what im doing already is prob ok! thanks

Furball Wed 29-Dec-04 20:42:58

Makes me chuckle when I think, I was given most advice about how hot etc in the sub-tropical conditions of the maternity hospital!

ChristmasBOOZA Wed 29-Dec-04 21:26:42

At about that age I started putting my DD in a 6-12month sleeping bag (the bottom bit just sticks out). She has a nappy, sleepsuit, bag and one layer of cellular blanket. But her bedroom is parhaps a little colder than yours. She is 7 months now.

highlander Thu 30-Dec-04 17:06:55

crikey, DS's room is 21C and he wears a nappy, cotton sleepsuit, thin fleece grobag and is covered with 1 flannel blanket and 4 fleece blankets! (2 of which only come up to his waist).Anything less and he wakes up. His tummy/neck is never hot.

highlander Thu 30-Dec-04 17:07:37

I should add he is 15 wks now and has been dressed like this since he was 9 weeks (swaddled until then).

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