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Do I wean 7mth off the dummy?

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kbaby Sun 26-Dec-04 11:59:27

DD has had a dummy since 4 weeks old. I hate it. I hate it when we are out and shes sucking on it. I did try and limit it to naps and bedtime but MIL and dp keep giving it to her all the time.
On the other hand I can see it does give her comfort and if she feels she needs it then shall I just carry on.

Whens the right age to wean them off it?
How do I go about doing it?

mishiclaus Sun 26-Dec-04 12:17:14

hi my ds had a dummy from a week old until abround 6mths then i weaned him off..only for sleeps etc..he then started to learn to go to sleep with out it and to be honest im glad i did it at that age...only because i think he would look horrendous now with a dummy and also i have friends whose little ones just use the dummy for something to have in their mouths...its up to u but i am glad ds stopped with his

lulupop Sun 26-Dec-04 15:43:59

Hi Kbaby. I know what you mean about hating dummies - I gave both my children dummies from birth as they were so "sucky", but I still hated the look of them.

I knew I wanted to get rid of the dummies before my babies got to an age where they'd really hold on to them, so at 6 months, at the same time I started sleep training, I just removed them. Cold turkey. It really wasn't a problem. At night, they were going to be crying anyway, so it didn't make a difference whether it was crying for a dummy back in or crying for milk. And in the daytime, I found that if I was honest, a lot of me giving them a dummy was to keep them quiet while I cooked, cleaned, etc. Without the dummy they were just as happy but required more entertaining!

Good luck with it. I'd decide when to do it and just stick to your guns - after a few days, dummies will no longer be of interest!

jennifersofia Wed 29-Dec-04 10:49:52

I would def. do it if I were you, and I think the best way is cold turkey, but you prob. would need support of MIL and DP. I didn't with my eldest and regret it, she got to the point where she was very aware and very attached to it so she still uses it at night (nearly 4) and we are going to let her make the decision about when she is ready to give it up. Would have been much better and easier to have gotten rid of it when she was quite small.
Good luck

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