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Do you find earplugs invaluable?

(34 Posts)
BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 18:13:53

I am horrendously intolerant of noise and can happily sit all day with TV or radio on with just my thoughts.
Yes at 39 weeks I am about to get a rude awakening I know!
Sometimes I cant even bear DP crunching crisps/snoring/coughing without putting in earplugs.
What I want to know is - how many of you parents use earplugs to lessen noise of crying babies/screaming toddlers etc?

Do you find they take the edge off the "shrillness" and let you cope better?

This is not a wind-up BTW!

moopymoo Sat 15-Mar-08 18:16:58

I do think that something changes when its your own baby crying - it sounds shrill to others but not to you. at least at first though my 3 year old grates on me sometimes...sorry no experience though i know a friends dh used them to block out baby crying.

BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 18:21:18

I should say that I dont want to block out the noise of crying baby or ignore her, and I am hoping I dont feel the need. Just anticipating the sleepless nights and need to lessen the volume IYSWIM...

Maidamess Sat 15-Mar-08 18:22:21

They were great at night when babies were small....muffled out all the annoying noises babies make in the night, but allowed me to hear them when time for a feed

hercules1 Sat 15-Mar-08 18:22:25

Never considered using them for a baby. Might be useful for teenagers though!

Niecie Sat 15-Mar-08 18:23:21

I have been tempted in the past (especially by DH snoring rather than DC) but I couldn't do it for fear that I wouldn't hear them.

Not all cries are that loud, they do sometimes take quite a while to get seriously worked up. I find it is quicker to deal with them when they start to whimper than to let them get into the loud crying state so if the whimpering is blocked out you might not hear them in time iyswim.

Moopymoo is right, unless it goes on for hours you can tolerate your own children crying better than you think you will be able to.

Good luck though. smile

Racers Sat 15-Mar-08 18:24:01

I do - didn't think of it for quite a few months before DH suggested it. Would only dare put one in, rest head on other side. More than anything, just stopped me waking up at little wimpers or snoring (DD and DH smile!) Am at 38 weeks and plan to use (especially in hospital). They certainly don't block out much, but just help you avoid being woken when there's no real need.

Mrspanic Sat 15-Mar-08 18:24:49

I use them and would second what Maidamess said; you can't hear little shufflings and grunts but you definitely hear when you need to, especially if your baby monitor is one of those with a light display where more lights go on the noisier the baby gets !

BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 18:28:40

Oh relief thought everyone would think I was badmummy-to-be. Definitely have some for hospital too!

BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 18:28:40

Oh relief thought everyone would think I was badmummy-to-be. Definitely have some for hospital too!

GentleOtter Sat 15-Mar-08 18:28:57

I use them all the time BearMama as I can't stand noise (the hoover drives me nuts). Had them in this morning as the thirteen cockerels outside all started early, DS was breathing loudly in my ear beside me and dogs across the river were barking.
I never used them when the baby was newly born but I do shove them in in the evening when everyone is at home being wild and LOUD.
Little ones are not too shrill IMO as you sort of 'tune in' to your own baby's cry and get to know what they are crying for.
<sits happily in peace and quiet with BearMama>

hotCheeseBurns Sat 15-Mar-08 18:29:01

I tried to use earplugs once but they really frighten me! I can't stop thinking about all the things that might be going on without me knowing! When I'm alone in the house I get very paranoid and scared about break-ins etc.

Racers Sat 15-Mar-08 18:29:27

This is when DD in same room, don't find such a need once gone in different room - as baby monitor can be set for certain sensitivity depending on how noisy a sleeper she is.

True you can tolerate your own children crying more (except that it can be upsetting). Good advice I remember was for during the day, getting outside made a difference as it didn't sound so noisy in the big open spaces! Also fresh air and movement good for both parties! Good luck.

BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 18:36:43

Lol GentleOtter even your name sounds peaceful!

shock at thirteen cockerels.

hCB - I dont use them when sleeping on my own at night because its so quiet so I know what you mean.

Racers - good tip about fresh air and movement - thanks!

TurkeyLurkey Sat 15-Mar-08 18:42:40

<<stands up>>
I am an earplug addict.

Started with them as DH is a snorer. Now I can't sleep without them. It has its bonuses as DH has to get up in the night to the kids as I pretend can't hear them.

As I am addicted I took them into hospital when I had DD. Had a great nights sleep on the ward.

Racers Sat 15-Mar-08 18:47:41

Addicts unite! I put a new pair in on Monday (generally wear them to stop DH noise and the odd car coming home/going out early) - the high winds were keeping me up. New pair = better nights sleep. DH and I always take them when staying in hotels or someone's house to keep the noisy heating or air con or whatever at bay.
The most frightened I was using them, though, was on a 24hr ferry journey across the North Sea (to drown out the engine noise). I'd only just started using them on flights etc. DH thought it was hilarious that I was worried I wouldn't hear the alarm if we were sinking grin he was quite right, the wake up call alone was almost deafening!

BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 19:00:31

I buy mine in bulk from ebay grin
3M ones are the best!

PenguinPants Sat 15-Mar-08 19:08:18

I will have to check out ebay. I'm surprised the neighbours haven't complained about DH's snoring yet!

TurkeyLurkey Sat 15-Mar-08 19:22:09

I like the waxy ones that Boots sell (mufflewax I think they're called). The foam ones hurt my ears.

LyraSilvertongue Sat 15-Mar-08 19:26:46

TurkeyLurkey, you could be me! I also can't sleep without them. The slightest noise disturbs me. I also pretend I can't hear DC in the night so DP has to get up blush

TheAntiFlounce Sat 15-Mar-08 19:28:58

i was awfully intolerent of night noise when pregnant with both boys. Yet normally I sl;eep heavily - eg, when we had that earthquake, I rolled over briefly to blart something to the kids about "Get back into bed you little mummble schnurfle snoooooorrrrrrrrrre...."

TurkeyLurkey Sat 15-Mar-08 19:29:01

Unite SisterLyra!! My friends all think I am mad for wearing them, they never have to sleep with my DH though. I shall call on you for moral support when they taketh the pith.

auntyspan Sat 15-Mar-08 19:44:00

I've worn them since university - lived in very noisy halls and now I can't be without them. When DH is away I only wear one so I can hear DD / anyone breaking in.

Also took them to hospital - one embarrassing moment when the midwife had to shake me to wake me as DD was screaming her head off right next to me! (alhthough I think that was something to do with the fact that I'd had a c-section after being in labour for 4 days with NO sleep...) blush

foxinsocks Sat 15-Mar-08 19:53:03

someone tipped me off to Bio Ears from Boots. They are great ( v soft wax that you mould). Only problem is that it gets stuck in your hair and you end up going to work without realising you have a nasty gooey substance stuck in your hair hmm lol.

Do you know? dh is a dreadful snorer. Dreadful. But since I've had my tooth nearly fixed, I've stopped needing ear plugs. I wonder if it was the pain that was waking me up for years rather than the noise. I've also had bouts of reflux at night that wakes me up.

It's worth trying to think if it could be anything else too if you are regularly being disturbed at night iyswim.

BearMama Sat 15-Mar-08 19:57:58

foxinsocks IKWYM - I have nights when I dont wake much but when I do and DP is snoring I have to "accidentally" nudge him, earplugs or not. ALways made worse if I eat too late etc.

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