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Does anyone bath their baby in the kitchen sink?

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MaryChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 18:57:43

I do because we have a shower only and the baby bath is back breaking and my boy loves splashing all the water out.
We get on well with the sink , but he keeps pulling the plug out!
How can I stop him or distract him?
He is only one.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:01:21

I've done it as well - they both loved it and it's a good height as well instead of leaning over. Have you got any little bath toys that squirt water? thats what kept mine distracted

Gobbledigoose Thu 16-Dec-04 19:04:37

I've done it too! It's a good height to bath them at!

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Thu 16-Dec-04 19:06:02

get one of those drainer sink stoppers that work by pushing them down .. I'm sure a baby couldn't pull one of those out

Smashingpumpkin Thu 16-Dec-04 19:08:53

done it lots, my house, my mums house, on holiday anywhere with a sink, my mum used to bath me in the sink!! Mine are all too big now and jump in my bath instead grrrrrrrrr, what do you have to do for a moments peace!! I'd give baby a beaker and a spoon to distract, cheaper than bath toys and as much fun!!

OnTheJA9thDayOfChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:13:04



my mum 'bathed' me in kitchen sink until i was WAY TOO OLD. Have bad memories of people seeing me as they passed by on street.

Wish i'd thought of pulling the plug out..

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Thu 16-Dec-04 19:15:17

actually am impressed to find out your kitchen sink is ever empty enough to fit a baby in there .. mine never is

Yorkiegirl Thu 16-Dec-04 19:18:10

Message withdrawn

Chickyboo Thu 16-Dec-04 19:36:58

I'd love to have a kitchen big enough and also without dishes in it...!! Lucky you it must save your back.

MaryChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:52:05

The dishes pile up on the worksurface, instead!
The plate idea may be worth a try, although he does wriggle.
Our sink faces out the back, no one can see it.
When he is standing and good at it , We will venture into the shower.

MaryChristmas Mon 20-Dec-04 08:52:17

Update: We now put a waterproof food mat in the sink. He can try all he like now to remove that plug!
Cheers for inspiration MNers.

nailpolish Mon 20-Dec-04 08:56:39

mary was just about to suggest that! and it keeps them from sliding about too. bathing baby in the sink is great fun, esp if they can look out the window. is your sink beside a window? to distract my dd i got one of these bird feeders and positioned it so she could see it and we have great fun watching them!

MaryChristmas Mon 20-Dec-04 09:02:28

Yes it's by a small window but he is not intersted in anything out there ....yet!

kissinsanta Mon 20-Dec-04 09:22:49

I bathed dd in kitchen sink and bathroom sink but she much prefers to lay back in the big bath now and she's only 5 months old!

hatterselfamerrymerrychristmas Wed 22-Dec-04 11:31:44

our bathroom has been overtaken by plumbers and builders - so had to bath 4 yr old and 2 yr old dds in the kitchen sink the other night. They thought it was a hoot

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