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Calpol - from what age

(16 Posts)
agaazaa Thu 21-Nov-02 15:11:45

Can someone advise please. My baby had her first set of jabs Tetanus, Dip, Polio today and is not happy.

Can I give her 2.5 ml of Calpol?

Java Thu 21-Nov-02 15:15:41

It should say on the box that you can

SoupDragon Thu 21-Nov-02 15:15:43

I believe that Calpol is fine for the first jabs even though it says "from 3 months".

Yes, my Calpol box says "Under 3 months : a single 2.5ml spoonful after vaccination at 2 months. A 2nd 2.5ml spoonful may be given if necessary after 4-6 hours. In other cases, speak to your doctor"

aloha Thu 21-Nov-02 15:17:47

Yes, I'm sure you can. In fact your practice nurse should have advised you about it in case of fever. There is even a bit on the bottle that mentions immunisations IIRC. I gave my ds a dose of Calpol BEFORE each of his jabs after the first which really helped him. My ds hated his first ones, and cried and cried. I was very upset but the second two lots were much, much easier, esp with the Calpol. He recently had his single measles jab and I popped a bit of chocolate in his mouth just as the needle went in - he didn't even notice the jab! Didn't even look down! Ah, chocolate, the great healer...

agaazaa Thu 21-Nov-02 18:36:30

Gave 2.5 ml, she seems much happier, will give another one at 10pm feed. Poor wee lamb, just keeps sobbing!

Scatterbrain Thu 21-Nov-02 19:41:15

Oh poor baby, must be feeling poorly !!

Dr Scatterbrain prescribes lots of cuddles, some more Calpol and some more cuddles !

Shouldn't last too long anyway, my dd was the same !

aloha Thu 21-Nov-02 20:12:50

Agaazaa, oh, I know how you feel. My ds was exactly the same and I felt I had betrayed him (& from the look on his face, he felt the same!). However, it did stop, the rest of the jabs were totally different, much less traumatic (remember that Calpol, and breastfeed through the jab if you are b/feeding) and he still loves me! Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and give the baby a cuddle for me.

GeorginaA Thu 21-Nov-02 20:16:41

Can I just mention that when ds was tiny (i.e. before he was on solids) I found it much easier to use Infadrops rather than Calpol as they came with a handy measured syringe.

In fact, come to think of it, my doctor even prescribed the first packet to me as I'd asked his advice on whether I could give painkillers so young for the first set of jabs.

Definitely agree with the b/feeding through or immediately afterwards if you are/can. I asked the nurse if there was somewhere private I could feed ds straight afterwards and I got set up in the registrar's room for as long as I needed (was still in the shy phase of b/feeding then, lol!) - this worked really well all three sets, and calmed ds down very quickly.

sobernow Thu 21-Nov-02 20:26:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

willow2 Thu 21-Nov-02 20:52:22

I was advised by GP to give ds 2.5ml Calpol before he had the jabs - as it helps prevent adverse reactions. So yes, you can definitely give it for this purpose.

Enid Thu 12-Dec-02 09:54:16

My 8 week old baby seems rather poorly, she'll only sleep in my arms after a feed (cue 2 hours sleep for me last night ) and she's generally not her happy smiling self. She's also clawing at her head a lot which makes me think she might have a pain there somewhere - can I give Calpol at this age? I don't actually have any in the house as dd1 hates it and is rarely ill, so I can't read the box and can't remember what it says about ages. Reading this thread it seems to be ok after the first set of jabs at 2 months so it should be OK shouldnt it?

Copper Thu 12-Dec-02 09:58:12

Sounds like an ear infection - might be a good idea to see a doctor

Enid Thu 12-Dec-02 10:01:26

Copper, that had crossed my mind as she's been really snotty for a few days. One of the reasons I wanted to give calpol was just to see if it helped - then I'd know that it was pain/fever related. For some reason I didn't think you could get ear infections at her age...doh.

SoupDragon Thu 12-Dec-02 10:19:43

Technically it's from 3 months and you're "allowed" to give it after the first injections as it's on your doctor's advice. Can you phone your GP surgery and ask for advice?

Demented Thu 12-Dec-02 10:36:22

Just to echo Soupdragon, my DS1 had a feverish type thing when he was 8 weeks and I phoned the doctor who said it would be OK to give Calpol even although it says on the bottle from three months. May be best just to give the Dr a call to check.

sobernow Thu 12-Dec-02 13:30:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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