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What are the best clothes to fit over cloth nappies?

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kekouan Tue 26-Feb-08 09:20:58

I'm moving to cloth nappies, and as DS is now 3 months old i'm just about to buy some new clothes for him.

Which shops do the best clothes to accommodate cloth nappies (I've heard Tesco bodysuits are good?) and which ones should I avoid (I've heard M&S stuff is a bit skinny)

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cmotdibbler Tue 26-Feb-08 09:29:47

For vests, you need to get the vest extenders available from any of the cloth nappy suppliers, so then DS can wear the right size vest.
The Cut for Cloth stuff is really lovely, but a bit pricey. It does wash and wear very well, so if you are planning on more children is worth it.
Osh Kosh dungarees fit well over cloth bots.
Generally DS wears jogger type trousers, a size larger, with the legs rolled up a bit.

lailasmum Tue 26-Feb-08 09:33:22

Tinker togs do a range of stuff. There are a few small businesses like this.

mistlethrush Tue 26-Feb-08 09:34:33

For Ds I found dungarees ideal throughout the year - no waist pulling nappy down (particularly when starting to crawl), ds relaively slim, so no problem fitting even bulky cloth under - get the ones with poppers along the legs - very easy to change. Vests - again, we didn't even use extensions, just normal vests, although you do need to go into the next size up sooner for length - normally found Sainsbury's ones really good and washed well - Asda ones seem to go thin. Nights we used sleepsuits - although again you will need to go up a size to get the length so that the nappy isn't too compacted, particuarly if you use a wool or fleece wrap at night.

readytopop Tue 26-Feb-08 09:39:53

tesco trousers are good for boys, as they are super generous in the bottom! I also used TU (sainsburys) and ladybird. I moved onto pj's pretty quickly, as babygros were a pain.

Avoid next and adams, they are quite slim fitting and best for after potty training.

shrinkingsagpuss Tue 26-Feb-08 09:42:05

I tend to find that my DC's have out grown their "bottoms" long before tops - so they often wear bottoms a size bigger, no need to buy pricey stuff, just wear the next size up. I never found tops or vests were too big, unless of course my DC are a bit chunky (which they are!!) - if your DS is small then I suppose it might be tricky wearing a size up.

Avoid Mini Mode (Boots) like the plague, their stuff is tiny. I agree M&S is small. Mothercare is quite good, oh yes, and Sainsbury's

kekouan Tue 26-Feb-08 11:21:44

What about M&S stuff? I really like it, but don't want to buy anything if it's not going to fit him.

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thehairybabysmum Tue 26-Feb-08 11:36:46

i have always used cloth nappies on DSs and never had any problems with any high st stuff...m&s always generous cut IMO. I also think boots mini mode always generous sized my ds1 who is just over 2 now has only just gone into 18-24 months size of theirs. mothercare also roomy.

nappymadmummy Tue 26-Feb-08 11:37:57

M&S stuff is on the small side.

I found Matalan vests & sleepsuits were fab and cheap too. Next stuff is pretty good though you have to go to the next size a little bit earlier than you would with disposables.

nappymadmummy Tue 26-Feb-08 11:38:44

Oh and I found Debenhams stuff on the small side too.

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Tue 26-Feb-08 11:44:56

I find dungarees the best, the baggier the better as I struggle with the leg poppers on a couple of pairs I have had from Mothercare. I have a pair from M&S that are 6-9 months that have oodles of room left in them and DD is just coming up to 9mo now.

Girls stuff in general seems to be a slimmer fit than boys I've found, but leggings and stretchy trousers work well. Next lot of dungarees I buy are going to be boys ones.

Next bodysuits and sleepsuits are quite long on my DD still, so have no issues there, but her M&S vests are struggling a bit. I never knew you could get vest expenders though...must look into that.

Just look out for the fit when you are buying.....go for looser fitting styles if possible. smile

babyjjbaby Tue 26-Feb-08 22:56:23

asda and tesco just on the next size up, asdas smart price sleep suits are fabreal good for cloth bums tesco boys trousers are great i find matalan trousers bit skinny,and asda vests i prefer the asda pyjamams tho as it is easier to change ther enappy in the morning when they are wearing pyjama bottoms in my opinion and they are only £4 for 2 pairs and start at 6-9 mths theywash real nice to

Washersaurus Tue 26-Feb-08 23:00:48

I am a big fan of the t-shirt vests (without the popper bit) that you can get from mothercare, especially to wear with the big night nappy and fleece wrap, to go under the sleepsuit. I found the vest extenders OK but not essentials as you never have enough of them anyway, better to just go up a vest size IMHO.

H&M clothes are usually a good roomy fit as most trousers have adjustable waistbands to enable the stretch over the big cloth bum. And tescos clothes are just ridiculously enormous sizes anyway, so are also a good option

PortAndLemon Tue 26-Feb-08 23:09:03

I always found that dungarees from almost anywhere fit fine. DS was mostly in dungarees up until 18 months or so, when he had slimmed down enough that he could wear an age-appropriate trouser size. He tended to wear fairly slim-fitting nappies, though.

overthehill Tue 26-Feb-08 23:13:57

Dungarees much better than two-piece, especially ones with adjustable straps, as tops seem to ride up and they have a gap otherwise. I agree that you ideally need ones with poppers along the crotch area, also these are by far the best kind of sleepsuits.

kekouan Wed 27-Feb-08 13:29:09

Thanks so much for all the replies - will bear all this in mind.

DS is now in cloth nappies and all going well, apart from almost breaking the washing machine earlier!

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scottishmum007 Fri 07-Mar-08 20:27:39

hi there, i've been using cloth nappies with ds now for 4 months regularly and find going up the next size regarldless of what High St shop you get the clothing from, really does do the trick. for example, my son is 10 mo but he is wearing 12-18 month bottoms, and 9-12 month tops. I always go the next size up and it's fine. No need to go to expensive retailers. I also find this method works with babygrows and sleep suits.

lubyluby Fri 07-Mar-08 20:30:05

ds2 was always in dungaree usually a size bigger than he was in evrything else, but that was 6 yearsa go now so not sure if sizing on boys clothes is the same these days, he had loads of nxt, m&s and jojo mamna bebe clothing.

i have a dd now so that easy dress and tights and a vest without poppers.

lubyluby Fri 07-Mar-08 20:30:56

also forgot to say trousers liek boden baggies (not neccessarily boden just that style) are good as drawstring wasits and babbie without resorting to tracksuit bottoms.

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