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Fishing - ds1 wants to learn and we are clueless!

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BigBass1980 Thu 23-Jul-20 01:22:27

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elliott Wed 20-Feb-08 13:15:52

Just seen these new messages - thanks very much especially Mr Miaou. DH says the kit is for coarse fishing not fly (shows how much I've looked at it!). We are in Newcastle so I will bear in mind the info about the geography. Will check out the website too. I found this place that might be suitable, though looks like it could work out expensive...

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MaureenMLove Fri 15-Feb-08 10:20:19

I'd go back to the tackle shop and ask if they know anyone too. How about asking if you can tag along with a couple of lads on a fishing trip. I know anyone in our local tackle shop wold be happy to assist.

One thing you should be aware of though, not all fishing areas are free! Sometimes you need a permit to fish, so if you're thinking of going it alone, make sure you know if its free or not.

MrMiaou Fri 15-Feb-08 10:06:11

Hi elliot

A lot depends on where in North East England you are. If you are in Northumberland then the certainly there is plenty of fishing available, but the vast majority is fly fishing for trout (game fishing).

If however you are any further south then there is also plenty of coarse fishing available. If possible at this age coarse fishing is probably the better option simply because the co-ordination required for fly fishing is quite tough for a 6 year old to manage.

For information on coaches take a look on this site:

The coaches listed should also e able to provide information on suitable local fisheries.

If you want any more information feel free to ask and I'll do what I can.

Regarding the type of kit you've bought, the simplest way to tell is the line. Is it a thick plastic type of line say 1mm thick, or very fine, almost like a thick hair?

If it's the thick sort ad on a little round reel then that sounds like a fly line. If it is a very thin one on a reel that looks a bit more complex than a simple round reel then it is probably a coarse fishing kit.

Miaou Fri 15-Feb-08 09:03:04

elliot, MrMiaou is a very keen fisherman who knows a lot of people... I will point him at this thread and get him to post some advice!

MamaG Wed 13-Feb-08 11:52:57

I don't think you have weights on fly fishing rods...why don't you go back to teh shop and ask if there's any local teachers?

When DH started fly fishing, he had a lesson at a loch where they do fishing, in Scotland - maybe a local fishery could oblige, even if they don't offically do lessons, I'm sure a member of staff would happily help out an eager young 'un.

elliott Wed 13-Feb-08 11:51:27

We (well dh) got his rod and kit from the local fishing tackle shop, said the guy was very helpful and knowledgeable so I guess we have kind of the right thing...we have a variety of little weights and bits of fluff and feather to attach to the hook so I dunno, I guess fly fishing?
We are in NE England so there are LOTS of local places, but I really need a nice friendly teacher I think. Am prepared to pay!
We are in the lakes for a week in summer so that might present an opportunity if your dh knows of any places in the N Lakes...but I really need to show willing now if possibel (have been fobbing off with 'when the weather is better' for some time now...)

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MamaG Wed 13-Feb-08 11:46:15

This will be vague...

Fly fishing is where you flick the rod about

coarse fishing is where you flick the end into the water and then watch for the float to bob

They both need different types of rod etc so it depends on what you ahve bought.

Where are you? I'm sure I could persuade my DH to give him a lesson grin if you're near cumbria! Maybe ask at a local fishing tackle shop, that would be your best bet i think

elliott Wed 13-Feb-08 11:42:09

Ds1 has been desparate to learn to fish for about 2 years. He is only just 6 so I think a bit young still - but since he has been so keen we got him a fishing rod for his birthday. Since then he's been asking for 'fishing lessons' to learn to fish. Do such things exist? Is he too young? Can anyone suggest what would be the best way to learn?
I have done lots of googling and can find plenty of fishing locations, but not much info on tuition, and I am bamboozled about all the different types of fishing - have no idea what is the easiest for a beginner....
PLease please I hope someone out there can help! All my friends' dh's are as clueless as us!

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