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Was getting a bit better and cranial osteopathy made it worse!!!!!!

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pevie Sat 12-Jan-08 14:04:42

Me again. 8 mth old, v.unsetttled, tummy problems, not sleeping etc. Had slightly better week where she was only waking few times in night and sleeping longer in day!!!! Then stupidly tried cranial osteopathy yesterday (had tried it before with no real improvement) and she is SO much worse. Up all night and only sleeping for 15-20 mins at time in day!!!!! I know it can get a bit worse before it gets better but this is bloody awful. any experiences??

pevie Sat 12-Jan-08 17:31:49

Was hoping for some of your experiences of cranial osteopathy please. Saturday obviously not a day many people about.

littlelapin Sat 12-Jan-08 17:35:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Sat 12-Jan-08 17:49:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pevie Sat 12-Jan-08 20:03:15

Thanks. Have read so often about people having wonderful experiences of CO which is why I went back. I tried it when she was young and it definately got worse initially then we didnt notice a huge improvement. anyway, someone had suggested maybe trying someone different so I did. The osteopath said that my LO had trapped nerve in neck also and also problems in lower spine, diaphragm. She warned might have more wind initially which she did, but worst was that she seemed genuinely uncomfortable going down to sleep in her normal position and kept getting back up even when exhausted. I saw on a couple of sites that most children respond by sleeping lots and doing huge poos, but occasionally they can get unsettled for 24-48 hours. Its just crap cos I booked it last week and bizarrely for few days before it she only fed once in night and woke one other time then had an hour and a half nap in cot in house (has never done this before) so it was as though things were improving and then went really bad after CO. I am cutting out dairy so not sure if this had helped already. Anyway, she slept twice today for about 20 minutes and was so tired tonight that conked out right away, so hopefully will be bettter tonight. I so want to believe in healing powers of CO but my DH is raging that it has got so much worse after it. Please keep your stories coming. Zonedout if you're out there I know it didnt work for you, how many times did you have it and what was outcome?

pevie Sun 13-Jan-08 19:44:34

Anyone else any experiences? Last night also a bit crap, up every few hours again!!!

pevie Sun 13-Jan-08 20:40:24

Bumping this again as desperate to hear your experiences.

pevie Sun 13-Jan-08 20:40:26

Bumping this again as desperate to hear your experiences.

jennywren521 Sat 10-Jan-15 13:38:57

Pevie I am sorry to pick up such an old thread but your experience sounds exactly the same as what I am currently experiencing with my 6 month old DD who I took to see a Cranial Osteopath yesterday and I just wondered what happened for you in the end, did things improve? I'm so worried that things are now worse and will stay this way!!

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