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What happens at Uni if you fail an essay?

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PeachyHasAFiggyPudInTheOven Fri 21-Dec-07 20:20:00

I know I've passed 2/3 of the module as the essays are in, and this is year 3 and a B average, but I think I have failed this as I got ill and submitted late- have completed an extenuating circumstances form, but midwife can't be seen until 9th januewary which according to the forms is too late to submit evidence, and without evidence they won't consider that (why didn't they tell me that when I contacted tham on the 9th? I did ask for form to be posted but dept ignored my emails and I couldn't get up before today).

What happens if I fail anyone? If I hadn't submitted I could simply do a retrieval at the end of they year and as alonga s that passed I'd be through (what the lazy bugger contingent do withe very essay). But have a horrid feeling that a fail = no more chances = fail module = redo next year

If i get a C I would be through but TBH I won't, as limited resources available for this essay (Cm off / ill so no library access)

callmeoverchristmas Fri 21-Dec-07 20:22:51

I failed one (years ago!) and had to resubmit it. If you had to resubmit you could only achieve a 3rd (D) which was a minimum pass. Appeal the deadline for evidence once you have it in your hands and see what happens. I suspect if you are PG there will be a case for looking at you as an individual case.

Snaf Fri 21-Dec-07 20:28:07

At my gaff, if we fail we get a chance to re-do an essay or re-sit an exam, but the mark is capped at 40%, so the re-sit is effectively just a pass or fail, no grading as such. I think they might give a 3rd chance in some cases, e.g. mitigating circs, but am not sure.

I think I'm about to find exactly how it works, too - handed in an essay this week only to realise I'd left out one piece of information, the omission of which can mean an automatic fail hmm Not happy.

Hope it's all ok. It would be very harsh to make you redo the year because of one fail.

PeachyHasAFiggyPudInTheOven Fri 21-Dec-07 20:34:30

One of the things the form did though was to apply for a right to resubmit- and there's no toher info in the handbook. However some poelpe on our course have not submitted essays all year and then get away with it as its classed as a first but late submission- I'd be mightily pee'd off if I lost out as a result of wanting to get it submitted hmm

They know I am PG- 6 months- Prof is my neighbour, have SPD, had a nasty stomach bug, all sorts of stuff happened (including ds3 getting final DX) but couldn't access medical evidence within 10 days due to season, and guidelines state that

E-mailed Prof but no reply.

Have a horrid feeling if I just ahdn't bothered I'd have been better of sad which is ridiculous really

Alambil Fri 21-Dec-07 20:42:32

You got a NUS card? Take the union rep in with you if they just throw it out.

Is there a super-compassionate tutor you can talk to ? I ended up crying to my tutor who then told me about the EC form.

I ended up submitting my extenuating circs stuff 3 weeks after it was meant to be in (we were allowed a 2 week extension then the EC form - but I got told about that 3 weeks past the 2 week extension)... anyway, they let it pass and I was allowed 4 months to get the essay in as a first-submit.

PeachyHasAFiggyPudInTheOven Fri 21-Dec-07 20:46:03

I hope they do go for it- I will see MW on 9th and having ahd SPD for ages now (Uni up top of a nigh on mountain LOL) and erm, stomach isues for weeks now I hope that tshe'll write the formsa nd they'll be kind

Theyr ecommended me for MA three weeks ago so presume they'll be on my side I guess

FrayedKnot Fri 21-Dec-07 20:54:19

I suppose different places vary on policy but when I was at Uni I failed to submit an essay by the deadline and was given the choice to resubmit or lose the mark (which effectively capped my degree) but I still got a 2:2.

I claimed mitigating circs but I didn;t tell them what (personal issue that didn;t want to discuss) and they didn;t force the issue.

We didn;t have to pass / fail modules or years though.

Keep at them, you have very extenuating circumstances compared to most people imho.

Diane96 Wed 26-Dec-18 18:58:00

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