Poor changing facilities at baby’s swimming classes

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sunshinecitrus1 Thu 25-Nov-21 17:30:55

So my little one started his swimming classes this week and really enjoyed it. The only downside to the location his classes are at, is that there is only one family changing unit. Luckily this week I got in there before and after the lesson. However, I did take a peak at the women’s changing room before I left and it was absolute carnage! Mummy’s trying to change themselves in a small changing area and changing / dressing their babies on narrow benches. Some were even changing them on the wet floor!
I have a portable fold up changing mat that I take everywhere with me but if next week, I end up having to get changed with baby in the normal changing rooms, I feel like I need something more than that! Does anyone have any recommendations on anything they may have bought if they have been in the same position, that I could maybe look into getting? I’m considering taking a normal changing mat at this point, even if it doesn’t fit in my bag!

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DappledThings Thu 25-Nov-21 17:56:53

I always just changed him on a towel on the bench. Sometimes they had those curved tables but not always. Wasn't that big a deal.

I did have a few good weeks where I came out as a school group were arriving and one of the teachers always volunteered to hold him while I changed but that was just a bonus.

APurpleSquirrel Thu 25-Nov-21 18:02:25

Yeah this has been our experience at baby swimming classes. I'd take a folding up change mat that you don't mind getting wet/putting on the floor & just put a towel on it. As for getting yourself changed, it's just a case of as quick as possible before baby decides to fall off the bench (yep, done that!), rolls of the mat onto wet floor (been there), tries to crawl out the changing cubicle, crawl into the neighbouring cubicle (bonus points for just curtain separators!) or when they're bigger, whipping back the curtain as you're mid-change.

sunshinecitrus1 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:16:49

Thanks ladies! Yes I guess there isn’t really a work around… I think I’m just going to have to wing it but I like the idea of putting a towel on the fold up mat @DappledThings
@APurpleSquirrel I laughed about 3 times reading your comment haha!

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Paddingtonsmarmlade Thu 25-Nov-21 21:49:26

I used to take the car seat in and a towel robe for me. Put a towel in car set put baby in and wrap. Quickly strip costume off me and chuck robe on. Strip and dry baby put a nappy on, then depending on baby feed wrapped in towel or dress baby and feed. Put back into car seat. Then dress myself.

gogohm Thu 25-Nov-21 22:16:20

With multiple babies it's always going to be the case of improvising, I used to take the buggy in and a hooded towel - wrap towel round you, whip off nappy and wrap with towel, dry, nappy on and dress, put in buggy then you get dressed. Folding changing mat is fine

sunshinecitrus1 Thu 25-Nov-21 22:53:18

The only problem with this as they have a no car seat or buggy policy as there’s no where for the facility to store them so makes it a bit trickier! Would be much easier if I could take either of those in!

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mumwon Thu 25-Nov-21 23:03:52

Ah dd has figured this out - take the grandmother with you grin she changes dc whilst she gets dressed
We have yet to perfect this (aka couldn't figure out whose clothes where whose)
I have seen bigger bathrooms than the communal changing room

Caspianberg Fri 26-Nov-21 06:34:41

Towel on floor is fine. Change baby, then soon they are rolling/ crawling/ sitting age so you just give them a toy or snack to occupy them 5 minutes whilst you get changed.

If it was a high up changing table, you couldn’t leave whilst you change anyway ( I do use table at home)

Dashdotcom Fri 26-Nov-21 06:50:24

Towel on portable changing mat here too!
Once he could sit up safely I always whipped his wet clothes off, put his poncho towel on and gave him a snack while I got changed quickly myself. Then I could just change him and go.
I always try and choose a spot near a corner of some sort too, then I can sit him up wedged in the corner, less likely to fall back and whack his head on the floor before I can catch him.
When he was a bit more wobbly I put my swim bag and rolled towel behind him too

pinklillie Fri 26-Nov-21 06:52:37

I have an Over the head towel poncho for me and I shove that on over my costume. I've just bought a little one for my 10mth old too. I hang his by the pool and This absorbs most of the water quickly. Then it's a case of do his nappy and get him changed and then whip my costume off and clothes on. It was easier when he wasn't moving so much so now I take a little toy in and wave it at him while I'm changing. A mat towel to pop on the floor when he's changed is also good 😊

sunshinecitrus1 Sun 28-Nov-21 14:07:01

Actually I should be grateful that at the moment my LO is not rolling around / crawling so that should make it easier! I have also bought myself an over the head towel poncho as I thought that may make things a bit easier and it’s big enough for me to get changed under too so win win!

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