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Baby modelling????

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jellybabe83 Sun 14-Nov-04 14:43:56

I'm toying with the idea of my little boy doing some modelling, but I'm not really sure how to go about it. I know some agencies charge really huge fees.... Has anyone else had experience with baby modelling, or any suggestions?

lulupop Sun 14-Nov-04 15:09:36

There was an article about it a while ago in the Telegraph - you cld search their archive for it?

A couple of people suggested I do this with DS and DD, but when I looked into it, it seemed like a LOT of hassle for not very much money. You're in and out of London all the time, hanging around for ages, and then if your baby is in a bad mood on the day, they may not even use him/her. Apparently.

Anyway, they're only babies, they've got the rest of their lives to earn a crust, that's what I thought.

Eshay Sun 14-Nov-04 18:30:51

I did a bit of a search on Mumsnet on this topic a while ago as I was interested in baby modeling as well. The main point I got from those threads was NOT to use Models Direct or Little Acorns. I applied to several agencies to see what would happen and Models Direct phoned the next day. They were very enthusiastic but then a week later the same girl rang again with the same story, having forgotten she'd already spoken to me. When I told her she had, she changed her story a bit and said I would receive something in the post. Another two weeks later or so I got an email saying I had not replied to their letter, although I never got one. What a mess! The reason people say to avoid them is they make you pay money and then you never hear from them again. I did not go that far with them but this whole saga made it very clear to me they are very disorganised and unprofessional if anything.
Little Acorns wanted to meet us as well but they charge £20 for some introductory seminar and you even have to bring a childminder! So that one was a no go as well.

jellybabe83 Mon 15-Nov-04 10:59:09

Yea, I had a look at the Models Direct one, because they have an office where I live... but they charge so much a year.... and they don't really say exactly how much...!

JBMUM Mon 27-Dec-04 22:34:17


models direct do charge and they contract you for 3 years AND they were the subject of a bbc watchdog programme for many weeks as no-one has had work from them. My baby is with bizzykidz. they only charge a one off fee then it is free to be with them until she is 17! And their fee is cheaper than the yearly ones the others charge. AND you will be pleased to hear that she has had loads of work.


KELLYBELLIE Mon 17-Jan-05 00:55:41

I'm with bizzykidz too and had work if that helps anyone. We earned our money back in our first job (just done it though and waiting to get paid). We had a few auditions first but no luck but then we got the one we went for last. It is good fun, but I suppose it can get tiresome trapesing around for auditions. I am just glad to get out of the house in the day to be honest! - Kelly

MeerkatsUnite Mon 17-Jan-05 10:33:01

Would strongly suggest you look at before you go into this further.

There are many con artists out there as this industry is self regulated. Anyone can set up such an agency so caution is advised. It is also not permissable to ask for up front fees; infact no one should pay any fee upfront. The agency should make their income from the work they find for the client. You should not have to pay them in order to find work for you.

One more caveat - never sign any contract without getting legal advice beforehand.

This all may sound pretty dour but there are some good agencies out there who will not fleece you. You must do your own researches thoroughly beforehand.

MeerkatsUnite Mon 17-Jan-05 10:36:40

What incentive is there for the agency to get their workers any work if they can make loads of money by charging a fee up front to join ?

Mirage Tue 18-Jan-05 13:37:53

DD is a model & has been since she was 5 months old.We are with Pat Keeling in Leicester & they are fab.We paid a £20 admin fee & that was it.She has done a fair bit of work,mostly for Next (in fact she will be there tomorrow.A word of warning though-it is not glamourous,there is a lot of hanging about & the jobs come in at very short notice,If I worked less flexible hours we probably wouldn't be able to do it.

Luckily dd enjoys the attention (she is 16 months now) & is happy trying on clothes-the day she stops enjoying it we will stop.

JBMUM Sat 22-Jan-05 19:41:37

The agency I am with (bizzykidz) is one of only two agencies named as an A list agency on alba models website. Although bizzykidz do charge a small fee to get started, that fee is still less than all the other agencies but it is only a one off fee until the children get to 17 years old. They have been going for many years, have work cos I know from first hand experience and they are a limited and VAT registerred company. I rang a client up and asked them who they use and they told me bizzykidz, so that is the way to research an agency and not by listening to other peoples opinions surely. You say that no reputable agency will charge to accept a child, but that is in an ideal world. This is reality and ALL agencies charge something. Some charge less and some charge more, some agencies get loads of work and some get less. It is adult agencies that are not allowed to charge, not child agencies, they are a different matter altogether.

emmaob Fri 28-Jan-05 15:11:41


My little boy has just been accepted by Bizzykidz but i am sceptical on paying up front to someone i have never met before. I know they can't guarantee work but would anyone know who their clients are so i could call one of them.

crunchie Fri 28-Jan-05 15:25:49

Bizzy kids sounds fine, I know you sound sceptical but it is a reputable agency. I really wouldn't bother calling a client of theirs as it would seem rather odd. Either you want your child to model or you don't BTW my DD's are with MOT junior which is also on the ALBA list as an A rated agency (only under adults as they do both) so I am happy. We didn't have to pay an original fee, but we pay yearly (out of earnings) to be in their 'book' we also pay for the photos. But I think £100 a year (for both kids) is not much and we get some great photos ourselves and they earn more than enough to cover costs.

msteejay Mon 31-Jan-05 14:10:49

Hi, I'm really new to all this computer stuff so here goes...Have just sent off photos of my little to boy to a few agencies. 2 have got back to me today Juliet Adams & BMA, has anyone heard of them? Lots of you seem to have good things to say about Bizzykids so I hope to hear from them.

Wondermom Mon 31-Jan-05 18:58:30

My eldest DD was a member of Tuesdays Child in Macclesfield, Cheshire when she was 7 months to about a year old. Found them reaaly good! She got jobs in the 1st week of joining and appeared in the Tesco Catalogue, Argos Additions, Choice catalogue and Freemans all within a short space of time. I stopped when she became a bit more 'lively' when she learnt to walk at 10 months! She loves seeing her pics in the catalogues now that she's 5 and I'm toying with the idea of enlisting my youngest DD. It's hard work though. I used to get calls as late as 10 at night to ask me to be at a job or audition 70miles away by 10 the next morning. It was often difficult to find the studio in a strange town. I found, talking to friends that if you turned too many jobs down, they wouldn't contact you much again. They certainly kept me on my toes. We had to be sure to send in EVERY measurement monthly.We WERE NOT allowed to ring the agency between certain hours as we might block a client from getting through... VERY strict on a number of things!! Saying this, we both enjoyed it and seeing your childs picture in a high street shop is fantastic!! I'm still careful who I tell about the modeling as I've had mixed reaction - But, as long as the child is happy doing it, that's fine by me. DD has a little nest egg in her savings account. Definitly recommend it!!

JBMUM Fri 04-Feb-05 18:48:20

Nice to hear some good comments about an agency wondermum. Everything you have said is right. Bizzykidz have their own phone line just for parents on their books to call, so that is a really good idea. They only have the line open for a few hours a day, but at least it is just for us parents and we can call them.

Good luck

sonya291275 Wed 25-Jan-06 11:16:21

my ds has a test shoot with tuesdaychild on saturday, has anyone else had any dealings with this agency

nappyaddict Wed 29-Nov-06 22:42:18

does anyone know any good agenices in the west midlands area?

AllieBongo Wed 29-Nov-06 22:56:10

there is an ongoing row on mumsnet about bizzykiz, some hve had work, some haven't. My ds is with MOT and we are offered lots of castings and have done several jobs. We have not parted with a penny to join. Anyone who charges you money for the benefit of representing your child is a con artist, and it is illegal for them to ask for an "assessment fee" Steer clear of Models direct and inspired models. Join this thread this is where the moggelling mums meet and have tons of good advice

Callisto Thu 30-Nov-06 08:56:55

Well I say don't do it. You won't be doing it for your child but entirely for your own gratification. Your baby won't enjoy all the toing and froing and hanging around. Let him have a childhood as uncorrupted by celebrity as possible.

AllieBongo Thu 30-Nov-06 17:11:51

my child is nearly 7. he only does it if he wants to

Quadrophenia Thu 30-Nov-06 17:17:54

hang on i'm just going to ask my children if they like toing and froing, oh they won't answer probably because they are toobusy playing mums and dads in their bedroom using their covers as a play house. Corrupted my arse.

Borgie Tue 18-Jan-11 13:44:24

Hi there
I have just entered my son into Lil' Miss Lil' Mister child model search competition where the winner win contracts with Starfish Models in London, they are a well established agency who supply models for a lot of high street names.

He had a mini photo shoot and I got to take a photograph away with me and also purchased some more for his portfolio, the photos were excellent and reasonably priced.

here is the website if anyone is interested www. lilmisslilmister

Firawla Tue 18-Jan-11 20:04:13

i dont think starfish are that reputable there was some dodgy instances with them, their owner posing as a parent on forums etc!
you don't need to purchase pics for portfolio you can apply to any of the agencies using your own normal snaps from home, thats enough for them to see the look of the child, and then if they are accepted they may want to sort out professional pics afterwards but shouldnt be charging alot for that, either included in the start up cost or if some charge it should be on a really reduced fee (eg i know bizzykids if you get your updates done with them is £30 which is quite cheap)
i would advice you just apply to all the reputable agencies then see what replies you get back, rather than thinking just of going with starfish?

skystar03 Fri 08-Apr-11 16:25:59

Hi everybody! does anyone here know about the talent management in norwich? I just receive a contract for 3 years of my son which is just 4 months and they ask a payment of £132 of the contract payment? Would anyone advise me pls if this is the right talent for my son and if i pay the £132.00 for my son to get some work. and another agency of eurokids as well are they good and real???????????????????? thank you!

Karys98 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:22:05

My daughter has been offered a three year contract with talent management model agency , they have asked for £132 payment for the three year contract, does anybody know if this site is legit or not please? AS i dnt want to be con's thanks smile

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