Sling recommendations for heavy forward facing baby!

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nightlarking Thu 14-Oct-21 19:32:35

5m/o is finally tolerating a sling now that he can face forward. I'm currently borrowing an old sling from a friend. Her DC are now pre teens.

DS is quite the weight and I'm finding the sling pretty uncomfortable. There's nothing ergo-dynamic about it and I'm getting sore shoulders and back.

Can anyone recommend a comfy sling that will see us through as he gets even bigger? Ideally a more budget one if possible.


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Fallagain Thu 14-Oct-21 19:43:17

Unfortunately there is going to be nothing which doesn’t do this in forward facing mode. Manduca does side facing.

Iveputmyselfonthenaughtystep Thu 14-Oct-21 19:44:58

Stick him on your back if he can't bear facing in. As soon as you outwards face onnyour front baby is going to feel about 3x heavier because of the positioning.

Moonbabysmum Thu 14-Oct-21 20:59:30

There's nothing ergo-dynamic about it

That's unlikely to be because of the sling but because you are trying to do it in the most uncomfortable, body breaking position there is.

Try a side carry, as it's more comfortable for both of you, it enables them to snuggle in when overwhelmed, they can also sleep safely in it (they can't safely sleep forward facing) and whilst manufacturers recommend no more than 20-30 mins max forward facing (because of the above issues) there is no limit on side carrying.

When he's sightly older, you'll probably find it a lot more comfortable to have him on your back.

They other thing to think about is that if you are using a sling that is 10ish years old, especially for forward facing, it's likely to have a narrow base, which means it doesn't support their hips properly, and is also uncomfortable. If you do forward face, then it's important to have a wide based carrier which can properly support your babies hips.

Here are some random pics I've found on Google. Here's is a narrow, crotch dangling forward facing, and a more ergonomic (for them, not you!) one. Finally, I've put a side carrier for you to compare. Basically, carries will be most comfortable for you both if they mirror how babies like to be held.

Ps: go to your local sling library as you can try one or, have a proper fitting etc

BertieBotts Thu 14-Oct-21 21:02:50

The fact of them being on your front makes it not ergonomic for you. Their weight isn't able to be distributed towards your hips so it will all hang off your shoulders and that will be the case in any sling that you use.

There are a couple of newer ergo slings which offer a front facing position, but I'm not sure they're any more comfy than anything else. You could perhaps find a shop or sling library that will let you try one out?

DappledThings Fri 15-Oct-21 10:33:25

I had a Beco Gemini and carried forward facing on my front quite happily over a year and as a back carry till about 3.5 years. Loads of people said they couldn't imagine carrying a child that age but it was always really comfortable.

Zarene Fri 15-Oct-21 10:44:12

I borrowed first a Ergobaby and now a Babybjorn. I carried DD perfectly happily forward facing till about 15 months, and I still do now at 22 months for short distances.

I second the recommendation of the sling library. Try some out, get someone to do the straps properly, and you'll be amazed by how comfy they are.


jupitermars1345 Fri 15-Oct-21 11:42:26

Forward facing is the most uncomfortable way to carry unfortunately

If you're willing to give back carrying a go I love my Integra carrier.
You can hip carry in that to all though I don't really like it much for that

Dd 4 months is still happy facing inwards though but she seems to be able to look around

skkyelark Fri 15-Oct-21 13:16:34

Third the recommendation of a sling library, or failing that, trying to find a shop that stocks at least a few you can try – fit varies quite a bit depending on the individual. (Also what slings you find easy to put on/off, which is quite important out on your own with baby!)

You should be able to find one that will do a variety of positions as he grows. For example, the current Ergobaby ones do front inward or outward facing, back, and hip carries, depending on age, and I think some of the others are similiar.

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