What age did your LO reach out to be picked up?

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SimpleMinds82 Thu 14-Oct-21 15:55:41

My 9mo DS still isn't doing this and it's worrying me a bit! He gets VERY excited when I approach him, smiling and kicking his arms and feet but doesn't reach out. If I stand still he gets vocal but doesn't try to get me to pick him up. Should I be worried? He's otherwise very interactive, babbles etc and has started to feed me and show me things.

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Ihaveoflate Thu 14-Oct-21 16:21:07

I don't think mine ever reached out to be picked up as a baby. She does now at 2 years old and is very affectionate, but that only really came with greater language and awareness at around 20 months.

I do vaguely remember being a bit miffed about it, but I was never worried. She showed affection in other ways - she was just never a cuddly baby.

SimpleMinds82 Thu 14-Oct-21 17:34:05

He is affectionate and cuddly, I guess I'm just worrying about the lack of gestures? He doesn't clap or wave either.

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LakeShoreD Thu 14-Oct-21 17:41:29

My eldest never did reach out to be picked up but she was walking at 9 months so maybe didn’t need to! My youngest does it at 8 months but unlike his sister he’s wayyyy off being mobile.
Waving and clapping is typically around 9-10 months but I really wouldn’t be worried that your baby isn’t doing it yet. Maybe chat with doctor or health visitor if he’s still not there by the time he turns 1 but for now I wouldn’t be at all worried.

Somethingsnappy Fri 15-Oct-21 12:04:57

My baby is also 9 months and he doesn't lift his arms to ask to be picked up. He raises them slightly when I reach down for him, to 'help', but not in a reaching out way. He's just started clapping a few days ago, but no waving. He doesn't show me things or feed me yet though. HV said he's perfect at the review last week. Yours sounds perfect too!

Ree91 Fri 15-Oct-21 12:25:02

My dd was around 10 months or so I think x

Wink182 Fri 15-Oct-21 12:39:08

About a year


Glassofshloer Fri 15-Oct-21 12:41:39

Mine didn’t as a baby, only properly reached out at 18m+. She’s 2.5 now and NT, if that helps. Some babies just prefer their own space I think - she never liked me holding her hand for instance even as a newborn, she would pull it away. She’s very affectionate now though and loves kisses/cuddles. She even tried to kiss a snake at the zoo the other day 😳

whateverintheworld Fri 15-Oct-21 21:27:09

My DD has just started doing this now at 9 months. She’s so dramatic with it. She reaches up to me like she’s on the Titanic and it’s sinking…if someone else picks her up she reaches to me over their shoulder with a look of horror. Such a drama Queen. It happened really suddenly after her lifting her arms slightly to help me pick her up for a few weeks

Somethingsnappy Sat 16-Oct-21 10:09:57

@whateverintheworld, so sweet!

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