9 month old sleep advice

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PollyOaks Thu 14-Oct-21 13:48:40

Hello, first time mum and have a 9 month old boy. First of all the last month or so he has been waking between 4.30am and 5.30am for a bottle where he had been sleeping through since around 8 weeks old (formula fed). Was I wrong to reintroduce the bottle I thought it was just because he was unwell for a few days but its continued.. He goes back to sleep then until 7.30am and then gets up and has breakfast as I found he didn't really want his usual morning bottle then.

Also his nap times have become frustrating as it's such a fight to get him to actually go down usually involves me going for numerous walks with the Pram as he is too big and heavy for me to rock already 🙈 and when he does nap it lasts 30 minutes bang on whether he's in the Pram, in his cot, on my bed next to me.. His little eyes ping open but then 40 mins later he's rubbing his eyes and grouchy because he is obviously still tired 😩 I don't know how to keep him asleep tried motion, white noise, background noise, silence same outcome each time. He has these naps twice a day so amounts to 60 minutes of nap time! I'm worried he's not getting enough sleep as I read he should be having two naps of around 90mins to two hours! Sounds like a dream 😂

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Wagglerock Thu 14-Oct-21 14:04:28

Sounds exactly like my 10mo DD - great night sleeper but day time naps are so short. She does occasionally have a longer one but most of the time it's 30 minute power naps. I can some times resettle her in her afternoon one and get another 20-30 minutes but not always, I've got an older one too so can't manage it on days I've got both of them.

Im just hoping she'll start having 2 hours when she goes down to 1 nap in a month or twos time. 🤷

Dashdotcom Thu 14-Oct-21 14:05:09

I sympathise on the night feeds, my 8month old finally dropped them a month ago and then got a cold a couple of weeks ago and has been back on them now- not ideal!
With the nap wakings have you tried the wake to sleep method? That helped me a few months ago! Only had to do it for a few days

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