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scg18 Thu 14-Oct-21 09:02:31

Hi, just after a bit of advice, we have a travel cot but our LO is still very little, 4.4kg at 10weeks old and we are away for the weekend. I think he is still just a little bit small for the sleeping bag so we will need to use blankets - will this be ok bearing in mind the travel cot is big and he is little? Obviously will make sure blanket is tucked in and not loose but wondering whether just to take Moses basket instead if that is better for the baby.
Grateful for any advice, I'm a FTM and doubt myself a lot so ask a lot of silly questions!

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Wagglerock Thu 14-Oct-21 09:07:43

I'd just take the Moses basket of he sleeps well in it. Travel cots aren't the comfiest of things (though you can buy an extra mattress) and I think they like to be snug when they're little.

BendingSpoons Thu 14-Oct-21 09:11:46

If you can easily take the moses basket, it might be more familiar. I have packed in the moses basket before to save car space! Otherwise you can tuck in blankets in a travel cot. For a young baby who can't move too much you should be able to tuck them in tight. They do tend to have a hard, thin mattress/base (not really a mattress!) that wouldn't hold the blanket as tightly, so you would need to wrap it well.

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