Hormonal 7 year old - adrenarche

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hg165 Thu 14-Oct-21 00:58:36

Hi there,

Just looking for a bit of info/advice.....

My recently turned 7 year old has always been very happy, outgoing, sociable DD hasn't been herself for the last while.

Without sounding like I'm bragging she's always been such a brilliant kid - obviously the odd tantrum etc but on the whole I've had it pretty easy

She seems to be going through a phase (really hoping it's a phase) where she's either bursting into tears over the tiniest thing or completely losing it and getting really angry....literally I've nothing. There also seems to be a lot of arguing and tit for tat between her class mates, fall outs & general bitchiness that never existed before.

She's definitely not innocent but from chatting to other mums it seems a lot of them are going through similar phases and I was reading that this can be quite common at this age and is referred to as adrenarche.

After reading up in this it also makes a lot of sense as she's also recently become more self conscious & sensitive, thinking she's rubbish at everything, low confidence etc. Also a few weeks ago i had to buy her deodorant for the first time after noticing a very slight smell after gym class.

As much as I can find info on the science what is happening to her body. What I'm struggling with is:

1) now that i feel I understand her behaviour and mood swings, I'm taking it less personally but any advice on how to handle it and help her deal with what is going on?
2) how long does the phase usually last? (Please tell me it's not like this from now til she's a teenager!)


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