Nappy change at night?

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bluerascal Wed 05-May-21 01:47:55

Hi everyone, I have a three month old and wondering what others do with babies this age and nappy changes at night. I currently change him during the night when he wakes usually between 2-3am. But he's hard to settle afterwards, I can't change him before the feed as he doesn't give off hunger cues just wakes absolutely screaming! If it's only a wet nappy, do others still change or should I leave him until the next feed in the early morning 5-6? That means his nappy might have been on 8 hours and during the day I change him every 2/3 hours so why would that be different at night? I get if he sleeps through j wouldn't wake him, but as he is up anyway should I continue changing him for a wet nappy only?

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CoalCraft Wed 05-May-21 02:04:16

If changing his nappy is getting in the way of him getting back to sleep there's no need to change it. If you're finding it gets too full and leaks by morning you can try the next size up for bed time, just make sure it's close fitting enough, obviously.

Personally I do change DD at night but she wakes up just peckish, so I change her before the feed.

Topseyt Wed 05-May-21 02:24:07

I never changed any of mine during the night unless it was a dirty nappy.

MoominKitty Wed 05-May-21 02:30:10

If mine wakes crying or screaming there's no way he'll just drop off again so I change, some times he wakes, but not properly for a quick drink, I don't change then unless he poops which is rare. Mines a year and 4 months old, we Co sleep and he wears a nappy no longer than 4 hours of awake dirty it not. We've never had nappy rash ever either.

stopchewingeverything Wed 05-May-21 02:43:31

I would only change a dirty nappy at night, not a wet one. There is a reason they often say they can be on for 12 hours on the packaging.

oliveroses Wed 05-May-21 02:48:28

Mine is 3 months old and I have only very recently started skipping the nappy change in the name of increased sleep for us both. You can get nappies that are designed for overnight use and so far it's working out! As PP say, if he pooped I would change him though.

Aria999 Wed 05-May-21 03:04:44

I normally changed it as I wasn't otherwise 100% sure it was just wet (I don't always smell it) but otherwise I would leave a wet nappy and change a dirty one too.

Himawarigirl Wed 05-May-21 17:00:22

I never changed mine at night unless it was dirty, bit that is quite unusual after the early weeks. Many are designed to go for 12 hours and never leaked.

AyyX Wed 05-May-21 18:28:30

I used to change mine when she woke up for feeds, often before a feed so I don’t wake her up when she drifts back to sleep after feeding. She used to get nappy rash a lot so I changed her quite often to prevent it.

user648482729 Wed 05-May-21 20:10:54

I stopped changing my DC at night once they came out of the newborn stage and stopped pooing in the night. I used a size up so that it wouldn’t leak.

Feather12 Wed 05-May-21 20:41:10

I ever changed mine at night, but then I did not change them every 2-3 hours during the day. Are you using cloth nappies? I can’t imagine why they need changing so frequently.

Skyla01 Wed 05-May-21 21:07:10

My baby is three months. I only change at night if dirty or wet through. Thankfully both are quite rare. I would like to change at least once overnight as I don't like to think of baby having a wet nappy on for so long. However any nappy change totally wakes her up so I just leave it.

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