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Youngmum222 Tue 04-May-21 22:05:00

My little girl was born 5 weeks early and she is now 10 weeks old. She hasn’t been much of a cryer until about a week ago where she has appeared unsettled. Two nights ago the inconsolable crying started and I think she’s cried so much that she’s now hurt her throat.
She feeds every 4 hours and has about 160mls almost every time but the other night she started to cry through her bottle and had nothing for the full day.
She weighs about 9 and a half lbs now.
I took her to the gp and she had her checked over and she pressed on her tummy once and it was like a switch she went from smiling to crying instantly. She sent her to the hospital and they reckon it’s an extreme case of colic and over feeding, but when I’m feeding her she’s finishing the bottle and is still hungry after. It’s definitely not that she needs her dummy because she just spits it out every time.
Is there any advice anyone can give on this?

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cat709 Tue 04-May-21 22:15:15

Hiya, that's quite a lot of milk for a 10 week old. Mine is 12 weeks and does about 140ml. Do you give your baby water during the day?
We boil a little up each morning and give her sips during the day. Sometimes it delays the feed, but it definitely helps with her indigestion, nappies and comfortability. X

Youngmum222 Tue 04-May-21 22:19:28

Yes I give her a couple of ounces of water between her feeds aswell and she still gets hungry and finish’s her bottles she even wants more after that aswell

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SlB09 Tue 04-May-21 22:22:51

My son did this, it was reflux and he was constantly drinking to relieve the throat/stomach pain. Reflux was as a result of CMPA and Soya allergy. Just something to consider. He was pretty unsettled from birth though.

zippityzip Tue 04-May-21 22:25:52

I second the reflux possibility. The constant feeding soothes their throat. They don't need to be physically sick either - look up silent reflux symptoms.

Sunny1112 Tue 04-May-21 22:25:53

Have you tried;
Gripe water
More winding
Bicycle legs
Colief drops

Youngmum222 Tue 04-May-21 22:25:57

How did you find out? What did you do to help it?

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zippityzip Tue 04-May-21 22:27:44

Ended up in four trips to the GP as nobody listened to me but the symptoms were classic. Have a look on google and see if they fit what your baby is doing.

They can prescribe infant gaviscon or omeprazole which helps massively. Plus extra long time winding them, holding upright after feeds and tilting the crib.

Also check for tongue tie.

Youngmum222 Tue 04-May-21 22:30:30

Gripe water made her worse.
Infacol made her constipated.
I wind her for 15 minutes after every feed.
I do bicycle legs on a regular basis.
Only thing I haven’t tried was colief and that’s because both midwife and doctors advised me not too

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Astronaut8 Tue 04-May-21 22:36:02

Another one for reflux!
We also ended up in a&e 4 times! 4th time as a 999 call due to choking and turning blue. No one listened until I had to make that call.
Check the symptoms and keep pushing to the dr.
We kept him upright for half an hour after feeds constantly winding him.

Youngmum222 Wed 05-May-21 13:00:55

It says that it shouldn’t be given to premature babies. Her corrected age now would be 5 weeks old and she’s 9lbs 13oz weighed today

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SlB09 Wed 05-May-21 17:55:37

So his symptoms were:
-Extremely bad 'colic' (as they like to tell me it was) that lasted way past 12weeks and didn't get even a smidge better with every passing week.
-Unsettled during and after every feed, feeding felt like I was poisoning him
-Obvious reflux, lots of vommitting and regurgitation (although this doesn't have to be the case as pp has said)
- pale skin, sunken eyes

I only got listened to by gp as I'm a clinician myself, it's is very hard to get anything sorted as clinicians are generally educated that babies for the first three months are generally unsettled etc.

Gaviscon helped and omeorazole helped even more but in the end it was only elimination of dairy and soy that solved the problem.
If it's suspected clinical guidelines are to supply you with two weeks of extensively hydrolysed formula, if there's an improvement this is classed as diagnostic of allergies/intolerances.

Youngmum222 Wed 05-May-21 18:14:54

How often did you give the gaviscon? Every feed?

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idontlikealdi Thu 06-May-21 10:15:46

If she was five weeks prem reflux o prematurity is highly likley and I'm amazed they've not picked up on this. Mine were on gasviscon, ranitidine and domperidone until they were nearly 18 months.

zippityzip Thu 06-May-21 11:25:00

@Youngmum222 I was doing half a sachet at every feed as it can make them quite constipated but immediately I saw an improvement.
We loved to Omeprazole as the constipated was causing another problem and discomfort.

There is also the option of using Carobel to thicken feeds slightly to help with reflux (you can buy the cow and gate version on Amazon).

zippityzip Thu 06-May-21 11:25:23

*moved to loved

SlB09 Fri 07-May-21 13:42:57

Yes every feed however constipation is a real risk which worsens the reflux.

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